[Eat] Japan, Osaka- Bubu Tamatsukuri Okonomiyaki 2018 Michelin Bib Gourmand

When visiting Osaka, I will always try to search for a good okonomiyaki restaurant. At first, I had a few restaurants in mind but in the end, this restaurant stands out and it was introduced by my Japanese friend. We gave it a go and even though that there is not much review anywhere even in Japan site. However, it was the up and coming “B class” gourmet which was listed in 2018 Michelin Bib Gourmand.

Bubu Tamatsukuri Okonomiyaki

The restaurant is located in between 2 stations, Tamatsukuri station, JR Tamatsukuri and Subway Tamatsukuri, both took about 1 to 2 minutes walking distance from the station.


How to get there?

JR Tamatsukuri, there are 2 exits. Both exits lead to the restaurant. Once you exit and see a small street you will need to turn right walk straight out to the large street, where you will see Tamatsukuri shopping street (玉造商店街) on the left. Otherwise, once you exit turn left you will see the long stretch shopping street which looks like the photo below.

Walk straight until you see this lightbox outside, follow the sign and turn into the small alley.

Operating hour 

17:30 ~ 23:30 (L.O.23:00)

Closed Tuesday




Japanese O

English  X


What did we order?

Lemon Chu-hi (レーモン酎ハイ)

Hotplate Mayonnaise prawn (鉄板えびマヨ) **Recommended

 Bubu Okonomiyaki (ぶ武お好み焼き)**Recommended

Bubu Tonpei (ぶ武とん平)**Recommended

Seafood salt soba (海の塩そば)

Yam Teppanyaki (トロロ焼き)**Recommended


I love the ambience, a small restaurant with only 20 seats, hidden in the street which is not known to a lot of people.  Only the locals working around that area or residents staying there, and not forgetting okonomiyaki maniac. When you are walking towards the restaurant you might be thinking if it is really famous or good, but this thought will disappear immediately when the food is served in front of you.  Simple as it seems, there is only one chef and one server, thus, it is advisable to go for an early dinner if you want to avoid the crowd, which will swarm in around 19:00~20:00.

Okonomiyaki and Tonpei is a must to order if you are looking forward to trying Osaka traditional cuisines. The dishes served are of the just right portion, the seafood is fresh and juicy. Each person spending for this meal cost around 3,000 Yen or even lesser.

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