[Trip] Japan, Osaka – Half a day to Sumiyoshi-Taisha and ride on “Chin Den”

Decided to head out to the suburban area of Osaka as we are not staying in the city centre. We stayed near to this ward called Sakai. Not many people have heard of it, however, if you have been to Osaka a few times you might be interested to visit this place. It has always been on my go-to list because of the photos I have seen online. Recently, it has garnered some attention due to the advertising that is done for its annual new year event.

One of the reason to visit Sakai ward would be to ride on the Chin Chin Densha which would pass by the residential area and the older district of Osaka. In this post we will be looking at how to purchase the tram pass and some of the places to visit.

Hankai Tram/Chin Den

Hanakai tram also know as the “Chin Den” is Osaka prefecture last remaining tram that is running on one of the oldest train rail in Japan and even till now it is still used by the people of Osaka. The name Chin Den is the short form for chin chin densha, and the meaning behind it comes from the sound of the horn of the tram.

Tram Map

(Click photo to enlarge)

Where to buy Tram ticket?

Shin Imamiya Eki Mae

Tennoji Eki Mae (Bought my ticket here)

What ticket to get?

One day free pass “Tekuteku” Ticket


One day pass

Adult: 600JPY

Children: 300JPY

Scratch on the correct date before boarding the train.

Normal fare (All Hankai line operates on flat rate)

Adult: 210JPY

Children: 110JPY

Payment mode:


IC Card (To tap once when boarding and exit )

Enter from the centre of the tram, if you are holding onto an IC card please tap when boarding.

When alight please move to the front of the tram. Tap again upon exit and for travellers holding onto the one day pass should show it to the driver.

Transfer of tram

  • Pay the fee at the relevant stop (Sumiyoshi or Abikomichi) and remember to take the transfer ticket at the machine 「乗換券」 beside it. The transfer ticket is valid for travel to your destination. Only one transfer is allowed per journey.
  • At the stop where you transfer, take the next available service to your destination.
  • You do not need to transfer between services if you take a direct service to your destination. Transfer tickets are only valid for a single journey within the zone and expiration date printed on the ticket. Do not fold the transfer tickets.

Things to note when you need to transfer tram:

  • If travelling from Tennōji-Ekimae or Ebisuchō on an Abikomichi-bound service to a destination in Sakai city (i.e. all stops south of the Yamatogawa River), you may only transfer at Abikomichi. (It is not possible to transfer at Sumiyoshi.)
  • If travelling from Hamadera-Ekimae on a Tennōji-Ekimae-bound service, transfer at Abikomichi if your destination is in the direction of Ebisuchō.

For more Information: http://www.hankai.co.jp/english/route/

Sumiyoshi Taisha

Sumiyoshi Taisha is one of Japan most well-known shrines and the head of approximately 2,300 Sumiyoshi shrines throughout Japan.

More than 2 million worshippers visit the shrine to pray for health and prosperity at the beginning of each year.


How to get there?

Alight at  Sumiyoshii torii mae.



Operating hours

Shrine visiting hours
April to September 06:00~17:00
October to March 06:30~17:00

The souvenir shop


**No fixed holidays.

What to see?

The entrance

Sorihashi Bridge



A quiet and peaceful day we had at the shrine walking around and exploring the different parts of the shrine, we also got to learn about the belief that the one who finds and collect the 3 stones inscribed with the characters ‘五(Go)’, ‘大(Dai)’, and ‘力(Riki)’ and keep these as a charm their prayers will be answered.

Gunsmiths’ Home

One of the oldest architecture in Japan, the machiya townhouse. The architectural building was built in the 17th century and is most well preserve historic site of gun production in Japan.


How to get there?

Alight at Takatsujinja Station




Opening hours


What you see below is what you get when you are there. As it is not open to the public you can only peek and try and look inside which is nothing much to see too.

Old town house

2 cents opinion

Not recommended to include this place for visit but if you would like to see the residential area of Japan you might want to alight at this stop and walk along the old street. We even went to the small wet market for some fruits and a bread shop nearby. It is a simple and quiet residential area.


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