[Help]Japan- How to reserved seat for Fujisan View Express

For friends, who are interested in getting the reserved seat for Fujisan View Express. Currently, the official website is in Japanese only, no worry,  I will guide you through on how to reserve your seat online.

Visit their official website: http://www.fujikyu-railway.jp/fujisan-view-express/.

Step by Step Guide for Fujisan View Express Reservation

Click ご予約for Reservation:



Follow the step from 1 -5, Which is quite straight forward and easy.

step-3 step-4 step-5 step-6

**Step 5 (Confirm reservation) is the last page of reservation as it will generate a reservation number, I will not go into that page.

You would receive an email of your reservation:



To note:

-Once the reservation is made, you would need to call the helpdesk to cancel the seat if you are not going to board the train.

-Reservation of seat is only open 1 month prior to the day.

-Print your letter out for easy references and smooth payment, while at the sales counter.

-At the sales counter, show your JR TOKYO WIDE PASS with the print-out letter.

-Payment could be made on board the train if the reservation has been made beforehand.

That’s all and you are ready to go.

As for friends who would like to know more details, feel free to leave down comments.



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