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We were deciding whether to stay in Ikebukuro or Shinjuku. After weighing the pros and cons, I decided we should stay at Kadoya Hotel. Looking for a hotel with a triple bed can be quite difficult in Japan because their rooms are not big and hotels with triple beds are mainly chain hotels or 5 star and above hotels, which is above our budget. The other options left would be staying in Airbnb, which we all didn’t want to.

Kadoya Hotel

A simple business hotel that situated near to Shinjuku Station.


(Taken from: Booking.com)




Triple Room

19,800Yen-21,000Yen per room/night

Book your room here.

How the interior look like?

Our beds:


The bathroom:



Enjoyed our short stay there, a traditional business hotel with free amenities corner, love the pillow for easy sleeping and if you wanted to get yourself another pillow, is at the lobby. For a business hotel situated in this location, the room is large and it is convenient when you only need to walk 5-10 minutes to the station. The hotel is within walking distance to a lot of good restaurants, pharmacy, and two convenience stores.

Story to tell:

This is my second stay near Shinjuku station, I lost my way twice when I am trying to get back to the hotel. Could be really frustrating, the feeling of knowing that we could get to the station from the hotel but why we couldn’t get back.

Reason being you have to find the right exit, as you will end up being at the opposite side of the station and most importantly. When you know a short cut and then the shops are closed when you are heading back, you are lost again. Especially, if you are taking N’EX, the nearest exit is actually not near to the hotel, you will have to walk further down and exit at the correct underpass then everything will be smooth and sweet.

Doesn’t occur to me until the 2nd last day when we try to rehearse the route so that we wouldn’t have hiccups when we need to board our train.


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  1. Frances

    Hi so which exit shall we use to get to Kadoya if we are taking N’EX? Thank you.

    1. gojiakhong

      Hi~ Thanks for your message.
      For N’EX train you will alight at platform 5, find the West gate exit (西口) and walk to the underground passageway Exit 7(S-tec Information Building, Shinjuku Post Office, Kogakuin University) direction, then get in the S-tec Information Building to level floor. Kadoya hotel is just across the street.

  2. Frances

    Thank you so much. You have been most helpful. I am not good at directions and I got a bit anxious after reading about Shinjuku station. Now at least I know how to get to the hotel. Thanks again.

    1. gojiakhong

      No problem. I am happy to help~!
      Yes, I totally can relate Shinjuku station can be confusing. No worries, you will find your way to the hotel. Have a pleasant trip 🙂

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