[Help] Korea- Step by step guide for using Samsung-dong City Airport Terminal (COEX)

Have you heard about the city airport at midtown, where you can skip the queue at the airport and have your baggage check-in and departure immigration done?

I did not know about it until I was searching for the transportation to Gangnam, it was then I chanced upon this service that was shown at the official website. Having to know about this service make my return trip a swift and easy one, I was a little unsure and insecure because there is not much information about it.

Since i have the experience now, I hope to share this information here for more people to benefit from it. This post will be a step by step guide for travellers who wish to use the city airport terminal service at Samsung-dong City Airport Terminal (COEX).

Step by Step Guide Samsung-dong City Airport Terminal (COEX)

1st Step: Flight and baggage check-in


How to get there?

Take a train to Samseong station exit at entrance no.6.

An elevator is available for easy access to the ground floor:

Walk straight, turn left into SMTOWN @COEX Atrium.

Walk through this covered walkway.

I would suggest that you walk on the ground level instead of the underpass, you will be able to see this building after passing through the walkway.

Operating hours

Boarding procedure, check baggage : 05:20 ~ 18:30 (Finish boarding procedure 3 hours 20 minutes before departure)

Available airlines:

Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Air Canada, China Eastern Airlines,
Shanghai Airlines, China Southern Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Air France, Eastar Jet, Jin Air

Get luggage check-in and flight boarding pass:

New baggage policy to note and be sure that your carry-on cabin bag fit the scale:

Asiana flight and baggage Check-in counter:


After checking in of your flight and luggage, you can have a walk around COEX. Head back to the 2nd floor if you want to do your immigration check and head to the airport. Always plan 4-5 hours ahead of your departure time to the airport.

2nd Step: Departure immigration

Please proceed to the 2nd Floor:

Firstly, please queue at the immigration checkpoint:

Operating hours

05:30 ~ 18:30

Instruction is simple and easy to understand:

3rd Step: Purchase of Bus ticket

After your immigration check done, proceed to purchase the bus ticket. The ticketing machine is at the right-hand side of the station, there is no bus counter available here.

Cost (One way):


15,000 Won


10,000 Won

* Round Trip Tickets : 2,000 Won Off / General(Adult)

Step by step guide for the purchase of bus ticket:













The printed ticket:

You can wait around the station or have a meal first before queuing up at the departure area and wait for your bus. The bus will depart from the station on time, so do not be late.

4th Step: To designated entrance

From COEX to Terminal 1 will take around 85mins or more depending on the traffic.

Once entered into Incheon Airport, please find the designated entrance to skip the check-in queue, it will be at the side of the gate.

The designated entrance is quite easy to find, however, if you are still unsure be sure to ask the information counter staff to help you out.

For more information, visit CALT.

Other option:

Seoul Station City Airport Terminal

This option for travellers who would wish to take the AREX to Incheon Airport. Do note that, if you were to depart from Seoul station there is a limited number of airline available for this service.

Limited airlines for check-in

Korean Air / T’ way Airlines / Eastar Jet / Asiana Airlines / Jeju Air

To note:

According to the enhance Aviation Security Regulations from TSA (Transportation Security Administration of the U.S.), some airlines have changed its check-in services for the flights to the U.S.(including Guam and Saipan) as below.

Unavailable for check-in service temporarily

Korean Air / T’ way Airlines / Eastar Jet

Available for check-in service

Asiana Airlines / Jeju Air

Follow the same steps as above from COEX City Airport:

Flight and baggage check-in


AREX Seoul Station B2

Operating hours:

Flight Check-in (Boarding and Baggage Consignment)

05:20 ~ 19:00

Deadline of Check-In :

3 hours before flight departure (Korean Air : 3 hours and 20minutes before flight departure)

Departure immigration

Operating hours:

Departure procedure of immigration : 07:00 ~ 19:00

Buy AREX Ticket

Purchase of Airport Express train at the station and board the train.

You can purchase the AREX ticket here, and redeem your voucher from Seoul station.

To designated entrance

Use the designated entrance (for diplomats and flight crews) on the departure hall(3rd floor) at Incheon Int’l Airport

For more information visit: AREX CITY AIRPORT TERMINAL

Some points to note:

  • Codeshare flight check-in is not available.
  • Please allow 20 to 30 minutes in consideration of the time required for boarding procedures.
  • Check-in of Jeju Air, Eastar Jet and Overseas Airlines is not available for flight departure before 09:00
  • It may not be possible to complete the check-in procedure, depending on your flight. Please check on it before using the City airport.

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