[Move] Korea – Transportation guide from Incheon Airport to City by Bus

A transportation guide which will focus on the bus service that is available from Incheon International Airport to your hotel. The reason for writing this post is for travellers who do not wish to carry their luggage climbing up the long and tiring stairs from the subway station and hoping to get right in front or close to their accommodation doorsteps with ease and comfort.

Our hotel is at Gangnam Ward, thus I will put down more detailed information on how to purchase the tickets, what bus to take and also, important points to note.

Airport City Bus

CALT Limousine  (COEX City Airport ↔ Incheon Airport) Bus 6103

Source: CALT- Bus 6103

Where to buy the ticket?

Terminal 1 

Exit 7

Ticketing counter

Self-help ticketing machine

Terminal 2



15,000 Won (One way)


10,000 Won

*Round trip ticket with 2,000 Won off

Operating Bus Route:



Credit card

t- money **tap and pay on the bus

Operating Hours:

COEX City Airport : 04:15 ~ 21:30
Incheon Airport : 05:25 ~ 23:30

Bus Intervals

10 ~ 25 mins


Terminal 1

65 minutes

Terminal 2

85 minutes

Bus Interior

Wide leg space

USB charging provided for each seat


Queuing to get our luggage loaded

There will be someone to help you with your luggage and a number sticker will be passed to you to collect your luggage.

Where to board?

Terminal 1

Location: Level 1, Exit 7

Boarding Area: Bus stop 7A

Bus 6103 to COEX

Terminal 2

Boarding area: Bus stop No.22 at the 2nd Transportation Center (B1)

Where to alight?

Samseong station exit 5

2 cents opinion:

CALT limousine is only convenient for travellers who are staying near to Samseong station at Gangnam area. If you are staying nearer to the Gangnam station (2 stops away from Samseong station), or city hall area it will be better to take KAL instead. Even though, KAL bus tickets after discount actually cost cheaper than CALT, however, taking CALT will take a shorter time to reach your destination as it is a DIRECT non-stop bus that only stops at Samseong station and COEX City Airport, unlike KAL limousine which will make a stop at most of the hotels.

For more information, visit CALT.

Other options:

KAL Limousine

(Source: Koreanair)



16,000 Won (One way)


10,000 Won

**Child under the age of six without an occupied seat is allowed free of charge per full-fare passenger.**

Promotion rate (Compare price before purchase)



**Please take note of the redemption counter operating hours before purchasing your ticket online **

Operating hours (Redemption counter)

Bus Operating Hours:

05:40 ~ 21:00

Incheon Airport Terminal 1:

  • Service hours: Everyday 06:00 ~ 21:30 (Last service 21:15)
  • Closed 08:50~09:50/ 16:20~17:20pm (daily)

Incheon Airport Terminal 2:

  • Service hours: Everyday 12:30 ~ 20:30( last service 20:15)
  • Closed 16:50 ~18:00 (daily)


KAL Limousine counter (Incheon Airport)


Credit card


Terminal 1

100 minutes

Terminal 2

120 minutes

KAL Limousine Schedule

Redemption counter/ Ticket Counter 

Terminal 1

Location: Floor 1, Gate 4, KAL Limousine Service Counter (No. 22)
Boarding area:  No. 3b and 4A located in front of arrival exit 4 at Incheon Airport

Terminal 2

Location: Floor 1, KAL Limousine Service Counter
Boarding area: No.17,18,19 located in the middle of the 2nd transportation Center B1 at Incheon Airport
Will not recommend getting the KAL Limousine if the flight arrival time is later than 20:00 and also do note of their intervals of bus service and plan more time if you are heading to the airport as sometimes traffic will be heavy in Seoul city.
If you are staying near samseong station and does not mind to take a longer time to reach your hotel, KAL Limousine will be more cost-saving after discount.
Staying near to Seoul station? Not recommended to take the limousine, please take the Arex train.
For more information, visit AREX.

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