[Move] Taking DB Bahn First class Train from Fussen to Berlin

A long journey from Fussen to Berlin by train. Initially, we thought of taking the plane. However, we decided to have a different experience by taking the train. A lot of things happened that day when we were on the train, it was not only an experience but also a lesson learnt.

First Class Cabin

There is no direct train from Fussen to Berlin, therefore we have to transit at Munich station. We were excited to get on board the first class cabin as we were expecting a happy and smooth journey.


7 hours 23 mins


4 pax 247.60 EUR  SAVER Fare (Sparpreis)

**To note that once you purchase SAVER fare you can only use the trains indicated on your ticket. However, you can use any local trains (i.e. RE, RB, S).

Exchange / Refund before the 1st day of validity 19.00 EUR, then excluded.

1 Pax 232.50 EUR Flexi Fare (Flexpreis)


First class cabin

seats in the first class cabin have wider seat and legs space.

Snacks served by train conductor or server

The first class cabin is filled with businessman and working adults that need adequate rest and comfort.

Luggage storage is much more classy

The individual room is also available for a larger group of people to hold a meeting or conference inside. This need to be booked separately with additional charges.

Meal on board

A comfortable vibe from the design of the restaurant cabin, where beers, meal and snacks are served at a reasonable price.

The dining area:


Light meal: 2~5 EUR

Meal: 10~12EUR

What we had?


Filled pasta squares “swabian style” with bacon & onion sauce

Lentil Stew with frankfurter sausages

Waffles with vanilla ice cream


We enjoyed our journey to Berlin as the service provided on the train was good and the train ride was comfortable. We even felt safe that we leave our bags at the seat (**however, do bring along your valuables with you). Please note travelling in Europe countries leaving your bags unattended is not advisable and this is the first time we did that.

The Bordrestaurant gives a cosy and warm atmosphere. Local and travellers alike will gather here for snack bites, a glass of beer or have their meal. Food served were quite decent, of course we wouldn’t say that it is fantastic. But it is definitely above our expectation. Food price is reasonable and not too expensive.

Lesson learnt:

Check your train ride number properly and always double confirm if you are on the right train and correct platform. We thought that there was a change in the train before we depart as an email was send to us to inform about a change in the train ride but we did not go to double confirm on it again and assume that it was this ride that we are going to take.  Thus, we just board the train on the platform that we thought that is the correct train without checking. This was the most painstaking mistake that we made during this trip as the ticket costs a lot more than we have pay for.

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