[Move] Germany – Getting to Fussen, Hohenschwangau

Fussen, Hohenschwangau where the famous Neuschwanstein Castle sits above the small village of Hohenschwangau in the South West of Bavaria in Germany, close to the Austrian border. The nearest railway station is 5 kilometres away in the town of Fussen. For easy understanding, I will put down the necessary transport information, example: train, bus and cab duration, cost and what ticket to buy in order to save cost.

How to get to Fussen?

There are a few ways to get to Fussen. The most common transport is taking the train. As Fussen, Hohenschwangau is not exactly near to the train station, you will have to get a cab or take a bus up.

From Munich to Fussen station, there is a direct train there.


2 hours 2 mins

Train from Munich


Bayern Ticket, Class 2

38EUR for 4 Pax

**Price has increased since Dec 2017**

Bayern-Ticket for 4 Persons Class 2

43 EUR

For more details, visit here.


Get the Bayern-Ticket, if you are travelling to Fussen, Neuschwanstein. The one-way ticket with no discount will cost around 28EUR Per pax.

Transporation up to Hohenschwangau

Once you reach Fussen Station you need to take cab or bus up to Hohenschwangau


Take bus 73 or 78, which is at the main station. If you are holding onto the Bayern ticket day pass, the pass includes the RVO bus ride.


10~15 mins (Every 30 mins )

To alight at Hohenschwangau/ castles – Alpseestrasse (Alpsee Street ) stop


Free (Included in Bayern Ticket)

2.10EUR- Pay to the driver


For better comfort, you can get a cab right outside of the station which is very convenient.

Initial Fare for the cab is 3.80EUR, Per km is 2EUR


8- 10 minutes


10EUR~12EUR (per trip)

Additional Information:

If you are planning a day trip to Fussen and head off to another city afterwards you can put your luggage at the train station first and collect your luggage at the end of the day.



Steps to rent a locker:


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