[Move] Macau – From Macau Ferry Terminal to City

Reached Macau around 11:10. No complaint at the speed of the custom staff as i believe that they are doing their best to clear the people as fast as they could.

The signage in Macau are quite clear and easy, if you need help you can just proceed to the tourist information counter for more help and collect some maps as i have already plan my itinerary for the day i just went over to collect all the maps and pamphlets.


People in Macau can speak in Mandarin as their guest are mostly from Mainland China. I spoke Cantonese so don’t have much issues about it but the locals will by default speak to you in mandarin if they feel you are not locals.

Once you are out of the terminal there will be a lots of cab drivers asking if you need a ride or book their cab for a day. The cab fare in Macau is same as Hong Kong, so if you are on budget and here for only one day the best choice is to reject them.


Tips for budget traveller:

Take their free shuttle bus that will stop at most of the hotel in Macau, you didn’t see wrongly is FREE. Yes, so you can save the cab fee there and the bus fare is not expensive too. Just prepare some HKD coins, it will come in handy. Please don’t go and change your money to Macau dollar as the rate is a little different and most of the Macau store accept HKD dollar.


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