[Move] Travelling between Nagoya and Central Japan International Airport (Update: 2019 Nov)

After arriving at Central Japan (Chubu) International Airport, we hopped onto the airport express train which took less than 30 minutes for us to start touring around this mesmerising Nagoya city.

A simple guide of the airport express train, some information and things to know when getting the ticket. Hope that this can help friends who are going there soon.

Meitetesu Railway

The Airport Rapid Limited Express “μ-SKY” (“μ”  Greek letter for MU) is an express train that connects Nagoya metropolitan area to the Central Japan International Airport in the shortest time. The train took only 28 minutes from the airport to Nagoya City for their express train and it is equipped with comfortable seats and traveller friendly facilities.

Where to buy?

Online (Update: 2019 Nov)

Before you click the link, please read the following information:

  • You can only use it on the indicated date
  • Round-trip ticket has 5 Days validity
  • Only offer to Foreign Travelers. (Temporary Visitor)
  • Once a starting date has been assigned, it cannot be changed. (No refund allowed)

Cost (Update: 2019 Nov)

Train Station (cost more)(Update: 2019 Nov)

As of 1st Oct 2019, due to the adjustment of the consumption tax in Japan from 8%-10%, the train fare has increased.

Fare (One-way ): 870JPY  890JPY

Ticketing Machine 

Ticket counter

First-class car ticket「μ ticket」**Surcharge required**

First-class car ticket (μTicket): 360 JPY

There is a coin locker Inside the station available for tourist to put their luggage here and you can tour around Nagoya city freely.

How to exchange ticket voucher?

Chubu International Airport to Meitetsu Nagoya Station

Once you are at the arrival hall follow the signboard:

Ticket counter

Present your voucher and passport at the ticket counter ( Name must be the same)

Meitetsu Nagoya Station to Chubu International Airport 

Change your ticket at Meitetsu Nagoya Station central gate.

How to activate the ticket?

Please slot in your ticket at the gantry and take the ticket

Do not slot in the first-class ticket into the gantry machine:


The return ticket and the first-class car ticket:


Rapid express

39 Mins


28 Mins

Time Schedule

To Meitetsu Nagoya Station


To Chubu International Airport


Click on the image below to have a clearer view of the Meitetsu train network:


Train Type

Rapid Limit Express

First Class (Cabin 1 and 2)

Normal Cabin (No.3 to 6)

μ-SKY Limited Express (All first-class cabin)

More comfortable seat wider leg space

Luggage storage corner


Changing your train ticket at the counter has not much problem, however, I would like to remind all of you that the round ticket has a validity period of 5 days, once it is activated it is counted as 1 day.

The seats inside meitetsu airport express first-class car are comfortable and able to recline, there are 2 luggage racks at the end of each car which can hold a total of 10 suitcases. The normal car does not have a luggage rack, and as there is no reservation of seat hence, you might not get a seat. But not to worry, the distance is not that long. It depends on individual preferences, if you are travelling with a huge group, and with kids or elderly I would suggest getting the first-class car ticket.

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