[Move] From Schiphol Airport to City Downtown

A transportation guide for travellers who have arrived at the Schiphol Airport and wanted to get downtown . I will cover all three transport that we could use, and will put in some of my research and what i see that day.


The cheapest way to get to downtown and the fastest way to get to your destination.

Before getting into the train station, you can buy the ‘OV-chipkaart’ or the single trip ticket at the ticketing machine:

NS machine at Schiphol

(Taken from: holland explorer)

Remember to tap your card before entering the platform, there are one right before you head down the escalator:

(Taken from: holland explorer)

I have put the destination to Amsterdam centraal, as an example.


4.70 EUR (One trip)


14- 17 minutes


Taking a train is the most cheapest option for all and i would said is the best for backpackers, Airbnb residents and travellers with light luggage. Some of the things to take note is your personal belongings, especially when you are going down the escalator to the train station is could be crowded at that area. For friends, who will be around Holland for 3-4 days getting the OV- Chip card can be a good option, I will cover more about the train tickets and their passes in my following post.

For planning of your train journey:



The most convenient and 24hours available to bring you right at your doorstep.

(Taken from: IAMSTERDAM)



For maximum 4 Passenger:

Start price(Max): 2.83EUR

Price per km(Max): 2.08EUR

Price per minute (Max): 0.34EUR

Some things to note before you hopped in a taxi:

-Check that their roof lights are displaying the name of their operator

– Number plate is in blue

-Taxi meter turned on once you enter the taxi


There was an increase number of unlicensed taxi around, even though the government implemented some rules, eg. Providing lanyards for easy recognition to identify the licensed taxi drivers. However, there are still loopholes, where they will still do touting outside the airport.

We were told by our dutch friend, we met during our Iceland trip, they told us to avoid taking taxi. To prevent being charged overprice is best to get to the official taxi booth in the airport to book the taxi or booked it online.

Hotel Shuttle Bus

The hotel shuttle bus is the best option for friend who are staying in a hotel and would like to avoid the crowded train station and the overpriced taxi fare.

Where to buy?

Head over to the Amsterdam shuttle Desk:


27 EUR (Round trip)

**The fare includes one piece of hold luggage and one piece of hand luggage per fare-paying passenger


Operating Hours:

06:00- 21:30 (Daily)

Proceed to waiting area (A7), where the Schiphol Hotel Shuttle representative is there to assist. He/she is wearing a bight green vest and holding onto a clipboard,  show your ticket and inform the hotel you will be staying at:

Didn’t took any photo when we are boarding it, so only caught the back view of it when drop off.

This is the 8-seaters mini shuttle bus, when we board it is less than 8 people and the waiting time less than 30 minutes:


Our hotel is not near to the train station, we would have to walk or change to tram. And taking this hotel shuttle bus is the most convenience and less hassle for us, even though for some of you would think that is quite expensive but rather than handling the big luggage up and down the stairs at the busy train station, why not try this which covers up to 179 hotels.

For more information:


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