[Move] Thailand, Bangkok- City Transportation guide

Even though Bangkok have some convenience and more easily accessible transport like the train and taxi, there is also some authentic transportation like Tuk Tuk and Boat.

A consolidation of the transportation in Bangkok Tuk Tuk, Bus, Boat, Taxi, BTS (Sky Train), MRT (Subway) and Airport Link.

Tuk Tuk

TukTuk actually cost about the same as a taxi, but with no meter. MEANING you can negotiate the fare, however, is not that easy. For a short ride, you are expected to pay around 50THB.


I would not recommend it if you do not speak Thai as the locals will try to inflate the price and “add” more spots to your itinerary. And would suggest you agree with the price and destination before you get in the tuk-tuk and only book your tuk-tuk from a reputable website.

Bangkok’s Best Eats Midnight Food Tour by Tuk Tuk


Flag a cab on the road will cost more if the driver did not turn on the meter and they know that you are a tourist.

Starting fare of the taxi is 35 THB first 2 kilometres. Roughly per kilometre, the fare will increase to 2 THB at a time. A surcharge is applicable during traffic jams for 1.25 THB per metre when moving under 6 km/h. Typical taxi fares for going a few kilometres are around 50 THB.

Grab official Website


Book your taxi ride from grab instead of flagging it off the road. Some taxi drivers are friendly but rare. I only met once the driver turned on the meter and charge us the exact fare but we still give him some tips.

Bangkok Sky Train (BTS)

Skytrain Bangkok (BTS) is the best public transport in Bangkok. There are two lines for getting around Bangkok, the Sukhumvit Line (light green), and Silom (Dark green).

If you are staying in the Bangkok city area getting around using the BTS Skytrain is convenient and easy.

Where to buy?



BTS Skytrain road map



Ticket fare can be found at the station too.


Taking BTS would be more convenient if you travel around the inner city. The train stopped by some of the famous Bangkok landmarks and shopping malls. Would not suggest purchasing the one-day pass, If you are not using the BTS less than 3 times.

Khlong Boat Piers – Golden Mount Line

Khlong Boat Piers is one of the public transport services in Bangkok operating along the canal named “Khlong Saen Saeb”. It was a canal used by the locals as a daily commute transportation.

Here is the station map.

Khlong Boats


12 THB

Depending on the distance fare can be between 10 to 20 THB

I am taking one stop to Hua Chang and the sign at the boat station is very clear.


40-50 seats



Taking the boat ride was a great experience to view Bangkok city from a different perspective. Along the canal, we can see the houses where locals lived along the canal. Do avoid the peak hour which is on weekday mornings and evenings when the locals will take the boat to work.


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