[Move] Germany- Transportation Guide around Munich City

A simple and easy transportation guide for travellers heading to Munich for 1 to 2 days short stay on what kind of transport ticket should they get and how to buy it. I will put down the most common pass/ticket that we will need and a step by step guide on how to get your ticket.


The Münchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund or MVV, in short, is local train system in Munich which covers the subway, train, tram and buses.

Little to Know:

Train transportation are named as S- and U-Bahn lines,  S means “Suburban” and U Bahn for “Underground”. From the name, the S-Bahn the train runs between the underground and viaduct railway across the city to the suburban city nearby, acts as a city rapid railway and  U-Bahn runs as a city railway.

Taking a train or subway

Check your next train here:

Little Tips:

Remember to press the button to open the door.

Taking a Tram

Tram ticket can be purchased inside the tram, if you are holding onto the day ticket you do not have to pay.


Buying the ticket on the tram can be quite confusing, will suggest that you get it from the ticketing machine at the station/stop⇓ instead.

Inside the tram:

How to read ZONE?

To make it easier to understand, I made a simple zone map for references.


  • Inner District (Innenraum) – white zone
  • Munich XXL(München XXL) – white and green zones
  • Outer District (Außenraum) – green, yellow and red zones
  • Entire Network (Gesamtnetz) – all zones

For a more detail map, visit MVV Entire network. (PDF file source: MVV-Muenchen)

Where to buy?

Online (Same as ticketing machine), sales of the ticket is available 1 month before arrival date.

Ticketing machine

Sale counter (DB, MVV, MVG)

The ticket comes in 2 types:

Single Journey or Group

Group can be up to 5 adults.

To note:

The Group Day Ticket is valid for an unlimited number of trips for a group of up to five adults within the selected area of validity. Two children between the age of 6 and 14 counts as one adult. The ticket is valid until 6 am the following day.

Step by step guide :

Single journey

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Short trip

1.40EUR per short trip

To validate or not?

No, if purchase from ticketing machine where the ticket has date and time printed.

Day Tickets

1 Day or 3 Days

Buying day ticket at the ticketing machine:

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To validate or not?


Additional information:

Most of the time we will be in the Inner zone/ district for simple sightseeing, except when you are arriving at Munich airport and wanted to have a day trip on the day for that you can purchase an Airport city day pass, for 12.80EUR (Single) or 23.90EUR (Group). In Germany, there is no ticket gate, they use the Proof-of-payment (POP) or Proof-of-fare (POF) system. Where plainclothes inspector will randomly check if you have pay for your fare and will issue a fine of 60EUR if you do not have one.

Little Tip:

If you are travelling in a group and getting to more than 2 places on the day is better to buy the group ticket. The cost of the ticket is actually able to cover the cost of 2 adults.


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