[Move] Hong Kong- Tram to the Peak (山頂)

For friends who are visiting Hong Kong for the first time or maybe you have been to Hong Kong  lots of time but didn’t have a chance to visit the Peak yet.

As there are a few ways up the Peak, i will only introduce the most time saving and insta worthy transport for tourist.

Where to purchase?

Garden Road Peak Tram Lower Terminus- All tickets

Peak Tram Upper Terminus (The Peak Tower)- Peak Tram tickets (Return & Single) only+

How to get there?


Central station  Exit at J2


 Peak Tram tickets
  Return(HKD) Single(HKD)
 Adult $ 45 $ 32
 Child (aged 3-11)
Senior (aged 65 or above)
$ 20 $ 12


15 Minutes

Operating Hours :

Mon – Sun and Public Holidays
07:00- 00:00

Frequency :

Departs every 10 to 15 minutes


Boarding the Tram:



To note:

You cannot choose where you want to seat, it would be your luck if you get to seat right in the front or at the far right/left for good photo taking.

On the way to the top:



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