[Move] Moving around in Seville City in tram

There are various ways to commute around Seville city, Eg. Metro, Bus, Tram or bike rental. As the tram station is near to our apartment, we took the tram for our day tour in Seville city. Thus, this post will be purely covering on the Trams in Seville.



Where to buy?

– Any tram station automatic machine

Getting the ticket at the tram station (English available)


Univiaje’ or Single ticket

1.40 EUR (One way)

**Fixed rate**

The tram station with the stops indicated


Get the single ticket it will be worth the cost than getting the 1-day card if you are not going to visit a lot of places.

1 or 3 Day Tourist Card

For tourists who are interested to travel by bus and tram in a day.

Where to buy?

TUSSAM Information Points.

Little to know:

The bus company that operates in Seville is the same as the tram operator. Therefore, the cost of the bus fare, you may refer to the Tram cost as mentioned above.


5 EUR (1 Day)

10 EUR (3 Day)

To note:

  • No travel limit during its period of validity.
  • It is acquired at the TUSSAM Information Points (Spanish).  There is a 1.50 EUR as a deposit for the tourist card, it will be refunded once the card is returned to the Information Points.

  • You can recharge it in this link (Spanish)


If you are not going to visit a lot of places in 1 or 3 days, we will not recommend you to purchase the tourist card. The main reason being the attractions are in one place and within walking distance in Seville.

Additional information


Line 1 divided into 3 zones.

You can refer to the website (English, Spanish) for more information.


Take note of the 3 types of hops which will determine your travel cost.

0 hops: Move through the same stretch.

1 hop: Move on 2 stretches.

2 hops: Travel on all three stretches that make up the Line 1.

One way ticket0 hops

1 hops
2 hops
Cost:1.35 EUR 1.60 EUR 1.80 EUR
Return ticket
Cost:2.70 EUR3.20 EUR3.60 EUR

Whole Day Ticket

4.50 EUR

For the full range of the travel tickets, please go to the website.

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