[News] Japan-Autumn Leaves Forecast 2016

Thinking that this would be of some help to them if they are interested in viewing autumn leaves during this period of time.

I have taken some news from 2 different websites for your references.

Little to know:

There are two types of leaves that you could view in Autumn when you are in Japan.

1) もみじ Momiji(紅葉、黄葉)= Red leaves/ yellow leaves Aka Maple Leaves

2) いちょう Ichou(銀杏)= Ginkgo leaves

**I will only cover about the maple leaves.

(Photo taken from: Zekkei Japan)

Autumn 2016

Weathernews report on September 7th a forecast of the scheduled period where you could have a chance to see the beautiful autumn folic in Japan.

As it is in Japanese only, I will do a simple translation of the article.

(Taken from weathernews.jp)

Is noted that this year due to the extended summer heat wave the autumn leaves will change its color a week later than last year. In Hokkaido, the highest Mountain Asahi have started to change its color.

For this year Autumn, in Sep from Hokkaido to Kyushu due to the late summer heat a wide range of areas are affected, thereafter the temperature will be around the same as last few years. In December, the expected temperature will be lower than the previous year.

Due to this reason, In comparing with previous year forecast which during Sep and Oct viewing of the autumn leaves have been seen at the Highest Mountain In Hokkaido and Northern Japan. This year the possibility of viewing the autumn leaves will be a week later than last year.

As according to the previous year, after Nov it would be the viewing period for East and West Japan, and this year would be the same. In Dec, for Kanto and city area the viewing period will be a little early as always the same as previous forecast.

Tenki Japan report on September 6th

カエデ=Maple Trees

(Taken from: Tenki Japan)

I have done up a translation taken from their website, even though Google can do the job but the English is weird.

Northern Japan(Hokkaido・Tohoku)

Hokkaido Expected Viewing PeriodViewing Period (Average) Average Viewing Trend
Sapporo(※1)Late OctLate Oct Same
Asahikawa(※1) Late Oct Late Oct Same
Obihiro(※2) Late Oct Mid Oct Late
Kushiro(※3) Mid Oct Mid Oct Same
Muroran(※1)Early Nov Early Nov Same
Hakodate(※2)Late Oct Late OctSame
※In Hokkaido the different type of maple species、やまもみじ(Yamamomiji)(※1)、おおもみじ(Oomomiji)(※2)、いたやかえで(Itayakae)(※3).
Northern EastExpected Viewing PeriodViewing Period (Average) Average Viewing Trend
Sendai Late Nov Mid Nov Late
Aomori Early Nov Mid NovEarly
Akita Early Nov Early NovSame

Morioka Mid Nov Early NovLate
Late Nov Mid Nov Late
Fukushima Mid Nov Mid Nov Same

East Japan(Koshin・Hokuriku・Tokai Kanto)

HokurikuExpected Viewing PeriodViewing Period (Average) Average Viewing Trend
Niigata Mid Nov Mid Nov Same

Toyama Late Nov Mid NovLate
Kanazawa Late NovLate Nov Same

Fukui Late Nov Late Nov Same
Kanto.KoshinExpected Viewing PeriodViewing Period (Average) Average Viewing Trend
TokyoLate NovLate NovSame
Mito Mid NovMid Nov Same
Mid NovMid Nov Same
Maebashi Early DecEarly Dec Same
KumagaiLate Nov Late NovSame
Choshi Early DecMid DecEarly
Yokohama Early DecEarly DecSame
KofuLate NovLate NovSame
Nagano Early NovEarly NovSame
TokaiExpected Viewing PeriodViewing Period (Average) Average Viewing Trend
NagoyaMid NovLate Nov Early
ShizuokaMid Dec Early DecLate
GifuMid NovLate NovEarly
Tsu Late NovLate NovSame

West Japan(Kinki・Chugoku・Shigoku・Kyushu)

KinkiExpected Viewing PeriodViewing Period (Average) Average Viewing Trend
OsakaEarly Dec Early DecSame

HikoneLate Nov Late NovSame
KyotoLate Nov Early DecEarly
KobeLate Nov Early Dec Early
Nara Early NovMid NovEarly
WakayamaLate Nov Early Dec Early
ChugokuExpected Viewing Period Viewing Period (Average) Average Viewing Trend
HiroshimaMid NovMid NovSame
OkayamaEarly DecLate Nov Late
MatsueMid NovLate Nov Early
TottoriLate Nov Late Nov Same
ShimonesekiLate Nov Early DecEarly
ShikokuExpected Viewing PeriodViewing Period (Average) Average Viewing Trend
TakamatsuMid NovMid NovSame
TokushimaLate NovLate NovSame
MatsuyamaEarly DecEarly DecSame
KochiLate Nov Late NovSame
KyushuExpected Viewing PeriodViewing Period (Average) Average Viewing Trend
FukuokaLate NovLate NovSame
BeppuLate NovLate NovSame
NagasakiEarly DecEarly DecSame
SagaLate NovLate Nov Same
KumamotoEarly DecEarly DecSame
MiyazakiEarly DecEarly DecSame
KagoshimaLate DecEarly DecLate

**To note this is only a rough prediction of the autumn leaves period for latest update you will need to visit nihon-kankou. Their system will be updated every Thursday, on the latest condition of the color situation of the autumn leaves.

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