[News] Japan-Sakura Cherry Blossoms Forecast (Update: 2019 Mar)

It is the yearly Sakura season also known as the Cherry Blossom Flowering forecast, knowing that lots of people have been posting the forecast. As for me, I have made the chart and done some research comparing two of the Japan weather forecast and news of the prediction of the Cherry Blossom flowering period.

Little to know:

  • Full bloom of Sakura tree is only able to last for 1 week.
  • Most of the time after the 4th day of the blooming, Sakura tree petals will start to wither.
  • Most of the Hanami starts in the late afternoon or night at parks and castles.
  • Do follow the rules and regulations set by the authorities, when at the famous site for Sakura viewing
  • Recently, there is a trend where people will go to view Sakura at night. It is called Yozakura (Night Sakura)

Japan Meteorological Corporation

This year the temperature of January is expected to be higher than the average year, thus, causing the flowering time faster than the normal or average year would be.

Flowering is expected on March 18 in Kochi, followed by Kyushu region, then in Tokyo on March 22. (Information from JMC)


Update of Cherry blossom forecast

(Source: Kishou Japan weather Corporation)

Weathernews Sakura Report

I did a simple translation on the Map for easy reading and referencing.

(Source: weathernews)

To note:

This is only a rough prediction of the Cherry blossom period for latest update you will need to visit Sakura Navigation 2019.

Their system will update every Thursday, on the latest condition of the blooming of Sakura flower/ Cherry Blossom.

What are the things to note when you are in Japan for Hanami (Sakura viewing),

Do not climb on the Sakura tree and over the safety fence set by the authorities.

– During Hanami please do not place the lunch mat on top of the tree root.

– Please do not break the branch of the Sakura wanting to bring some back as a souvenir or shake the Sakura tree to get a nice photoshoot.

Do clear your own rubbish or trash after your picnic.

– Please do not talk loudly or cause a nuisance to the surrounding,

Kindly take note of the above do(s) and don’t(s), so that everyone is able to enjoy the beautiful Sakura and go back home happy.

(Update: 16/3/19)

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  1. Milos

    We are coming to Tokyo 01.04.2018. How long will sakura last?

    1. gojiakhong

      Hi Milos~
      Thank you for your message.
      Full bloom of Sakura last for around a week. You will have a chance to view it~!
      Have a nice trip in Japan and enjoy your stay there!

  2. Milos

    Many thanks! Can’t wait!

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