[News] Japan-Sakura Forecast 2017

It is the yearly Sakura season also known as the Cherry Blossom Flowering forecast, knowing that lots of people have been posting the forecast. As for me, I have made the chart and done some little research comparing two of the Japan weather forecast news of the prediction of the Cherry Blossom flowering period.

 Japan Meteorological Corporation report

Currently, the first forecast for Cherry Blossom 2017 is out.

(Taken from: Japan Meteorological Corporation)

4th forecast for Cherry Blossom 2017 :

Update of Cherry blossom forecast edited on 24/2/17.

Sakura Northern Japan(Hokkaido・Tohoku)

Hokkaido Forecast Blooming (Around)Expected Full Bloom PeriodFlowering date in average year
SapporoMay 2May 5May 3
AsahikawaMay 4May 6May 3
ObihiroMay 3May 6April 30
KushiroMay 14May 18May 10
MuroranMay 2May 7May 6
HakodateApril 26May 7April 30
Northern EastForecast Blooming (Around)Expected Full Bloom PeriodFlowering date in average year

Sendai April 3April 9April 11
Aomori April 17April 21April 24
Akita April 15April 19April 18
Morioka April 14April 21April 21
April 9April 13April 15
Fukushima April 4April 9April 9

Sakura East Japan(Koshin・Hokuriku・Tokai Kanto)

HokurikuForecast Blooming (Around)Expected Full Bloom PeriodFlowering date in average year
Niigata April 6April 11April 9
Toyama April 5April 10April 5
Kanazawa April 2April 8April 4

Fukui April 3April 8April 3
Kanto.KoshinForecast Blooming (Around)Expected Full Bloom PeriodFlowering date in average year
TokyoMarch 20March 29March 26
Mito March 29April 6April 2
March 29April 5April 1
Maebashi March 29April 5March 31
KumagayaMarch 25April 1March 29
Choshi April 1April 8March 31
Yokohama March 23April 1March 26
KofuMarch 25April 1March 27
Nagano April 9April 14April 13
TokaiForecast Blooming (Around)Expected Full Bloom PeriodFlowering date in average year
NagoyaMarch 26April 4March 26
ShizuokaMarch 26April 4March 25
GifuMarch 27April 4 March 26
Tsu March 30April 4March 30

Sakura West Japan(Kinki・Chugoku・Shigoku・Kyushu)

KinkiForecast Blooming (Around)Expected Full Bloom PeriodFlowering date in average year
OsakaMarch 29April 5March 28
HikoneApril 3April 10April 2
KyotoMarch 28April 5March 28
KobeMarch 30April 7 March 28
Nara March 29April 5March 29
WakayamaMarch 27April 3March 26
ChugokuForecast Blooming (Around)Expected Full Bloom PeriodFlowering date in average year
HiroshimaMarch 26April 3March 27
OkayamaMarch 30April 6March 29
MatsueMarch 31April 7March 31
TottoriMarch 31April 8March 31
ShimonesekiMarch 27April 5March 27
ShikokuForecast Blooming (Around)Expected Full Bloom PeriodFlowering date in average year
TakamatsuMarch 30April 7March 28
TokushimaMarch 31April 8March 28
MatsuyamaMarch 25April 5March 25
KochiMarch 25April 1March 22
KyushuForecast Blooming (Around)Expected Full Bloom PeriodFlowering date in average year
FukuokaMarch 23April 1March 23
OitaMarch 27April 7March 24
NagasakiMarch 26April 4March 24
SagaMarch 25April 2March 24
KumamotoMarch 25April 3March 23
MiyazakiMarch 30April 8March 24
KagoshimaApril 2April 11March 26

Sakura Weathermap report

As it is in Japanese only, I will do a simple translation of the article.


(Taken from: Sakura weather map)

This year the Sakura/ Cherry blossom blooming will be the same period as previous year from Kanto area to Kinki・Sanin. As for Shikoku and Kyushu area, it will be slightly later than last year.

As this year the winter season is warmer from Kanto to the west area. It actually causes the buds of the cherry blossom to be slower in breaking the dormancy and flowering to full bloom, thus the late blooming.

From now till the start of February the temperature will still be high, and thereafter temperature will be slightly higher than last year. However, this high temperature will not continue long, due to this reason the cherry blossom are unable to bloom the same period as last year and a little late.

Due to the warm winter in West Japan, which causes the delay in blooming of the cherry blossom, it is predicted that blooming of the flower will start at the end of March from Kanto to the west area all at a time. As for other areas, it will be around April that the Cherry blossom will start to bloom.

Fourth forecast for Cherry Blossom 2017 :


**To note this is only a rough prediction of the Cherry blossom period for latest update you will need to visit Sakura Navigation 2017  (Only in Japanese). Their system will update every Thursday, on the latest condition of the blooming of Sakura flower/ Cherry Blossom.

(Update: 27/2/17)

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