[Move] To Nikko transferring train at Utsunomiya Station

This post was actually not on the list when I planned my itinerary, but you all know that even though you have made a perfect plan for your trip unforeseen event will still happen.

I have actually got the reserved seat ticket to Nikko on the first day when we got to Japan at the airport for our direct train from Shinjuku station, however, we missed the train and had to transfer train at Utsunomiya Station.

At Shinjuku Station

Rushing to catch our train:

Getting there…soon:

Nope, door closed…watching our train went pass us bye~:

Because of that, I have made a short guide for all, who might be in the same situation as us or you would like to ride on the train using different routes there:

**Will only cover from Shinjuku station only.

There are 3 ways to get to Nikko and vice versa. I will cover only 2 out of the 3 ways, the other will be posted separately.

To note:

This limited express train to Tobu- Nikko station has only 1 train that operated daily. If you missed the 07:30 Ltd Exp Nikko 1, there won’t be any more direct train to catch.

Method 1:

You could change train at Asakusa/ Tokyo Skytree Station and hop onto Spacia train.

Method 2: (Which is what we did)

We took the train to Omiya station change train to take the Shinkansen to Utsunomiya station and lastly, hop onto JR Nikko train



*Only applicable for JR pass holders

1,840 Yen (Unreserved Seat)

Total Duration:

122 Minutes-150 Minutes

To Omiya station

Get to Saikyo Line, Platform 2



Utsunomiya Station

Change train from Omiya Station to Utsunomiya Station:

On our way to Shinkansen line:

Got ourselves some drinks along the way:

Went to make a reserved seat at the Ticket window:

Our ticket to Utsunomiya Station:

Waiting for our train:

Shinkansen Nasuno:

Utsunomiya to Nikko Station

Last transfer of the day, from Utsunomiya station to Nikko station:

I like how they decorate this corner for their Nikko Train:

After 49 minutes we reached JR Nikko Station.

Little Story:

Even though it took us a longer time to get to Nikko station but we are having fun along the way and got the chance to ride on all 3 different type of train. My friends who have not been on a Shinkansen before this to them is a great experience and lastly, the friendly train driver. This train stops at some interesting stations with beautiful scenery on our way there, which the direct train would have passed them.


Take the method 2, which we did if you have ample time to spend or you are a Densha fan, this route might be more suitable and fun for you to explore. I would suggest if you are holding the JR Pass to make full use of it, get to experience the different type of train.

For the time difference would be around 30 minutes later than the direct train.


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