[Trip] One day trip at Kawaguchiko

Getting around Kawaguchiko could be quite easy and straight forward. However, if you are planning to stay more than one day, it is good to plan ahead and take note of your transportation fee or what pass you should buy. Please note whether you can get to see Mount Fuji, it all depends on the weather. Sadly, we didn’t manage to see Mount Fuji in this trip.

Getting Bus Ticket

Once you arrived at the station, head to the bus ticket counter to get your bus pass ticket, we didn’t purchase any pass because it is not suitable for our plan.

The bus route map:

img_2362     img_2366

Sightseeing Bus Pass

PassPeriod of validityCost
Sightseeing Bus All Lines
(Red Line, Green Line and Blue Line)
2 daysAdult: 1,500
Child: 750
Kawaguchiko Sightseeing Bus and Saiko Sightseeing Bus
(Red Line and Green Line) **Recommended
2 daysAdult: 1,200
Child: 600
Lake Kawaguchi/Lake Sai sightseeing bus unlimited ride coupon2 daysAdult: 1,200
Child: 600

**Adult (Junior High School & Above), Child (Elementary school)

To note:

-Bus pass can be purchased on board

-Sightseeing bus only accept cash payment (Prepare coins with you)

-Let the driver know which stop you are getting off if you are not holding onto any pass, driver will advise you the bus fare. ** Basic Japanese needed to communicate

-While queuing at the ticketing counter to purchase the bus pass, there is one counter with English speaker, so not to worry if you couldn’t speak Japanese

The bus stop is right in front of the station, we are heading to the end stop of the red line:

Omni bus:


If you are getting the pass, it will be worth the money if you are hopping on and off the bus for more than 4 times. This would means you will be visiting 3 places of interests in a day, otherwise it will be better not to purchase the pass.

For more information: Omni/ Retro Bus Pass

The retro bus we took while heading back to the station:

Simplifed bus route map (Red and Green Line):

 Kawaguchiko Natural Living Center

After 35 minutes of the bus ride, we reached Kawaguchiko Natural Living Center.


401-0305 Yamanashi Prefecture, Minamitsuru District, FujikawaguchikochouOishi, 2585

Operating hours:

Nov – Mar


Apr – Oct





What to see?

Flowers and plants

Since we couldn’t get the chance to see Mt Fuji, we visited their flower path instead:

The only コキア(Bassia) that have turned pink:

At Oishi Park:

We got to see some Lavender:

Can you see Mt Fuji? 😛 It is there behind the small island->

The must see theコキア(Bassia) field, which will turn red in mid-Oct to end Oct:


We went to the cafe to enjoy our afternoon tea break with a cup of cafe latte and blueberry vanilla ice cream, with the lake view.

Even though we spent the afternoon at only one place, but it was relaxing and fun.

For lavender lovers even if the lavender season has ended, you can still get some souvenirs from the shop here, or if you would like to see the blooming lavender there is a green house nearby, which is at the 河口湖ハーブ館 (Kawaguchiko Herb Hall) (15-minute bus ride from here). 


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