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Special Page for Super Nintendo World Guide

This would be a special page where I would share all the information about the Super Nintendo world if I were to put it into the Universal Studio Japan Guide page you will be confused thus I felt that it better to make a page, especially for this as it has a lot of special features and interactive game which is worth to be written down.

*Do note that all the information here is all about Super Nintendo world items and rides. If you would like to know about the ticketing etc. Kindly click on my other post.

Super Nintendo World

Buy your tickets here:



Official Website

Type of Universal Studios Japan Express Pass

Express Pass 4 (Do note that there are different types of express passes)

Express Pass 7


Official Website (Express pass available)


Limited Edition Popcorn Bucket

Once enter the theme park you can start to queue for the popcorn if your time to enter the park is later than 10 am. There are 2 pop-up carts selling the popcorn bucket one is at the entrance of the theme park the other one would be inside the Super Nintendo World.


Limited stock of the Popcorn buckets is available per day, so if you are a die-hard fan of Mario would suggest that you start queuing as the line would get longer. We waited for around 30-45 mins. After that, the queue gets longer so the wait is around an hour.


Super Star Popcorn Bucket

4,500 JPY

Mario Kart Popcorn Bucket

5,200 JPY

To note:

Limited stock per day 1 person is only entitled to purchase 1 of each.


You can ask the staff to separate the popcorn if you wish to bring the bucket home.

Here is what we bought.

The Super Nintendo world entrance is near the Jaws and water world.

Check out the map here (Japanese Only). For the English version please download the app.

Click to access usj-pdf-studio-guide-mario.pdf


If the time slot given to you is 10 am please make sure you reached earlier as it would be a few minutes walk into the park entrance where the staff will check your ticket or your pass.

Eg. The time slot given to you is as below:

10 am ~ you are required to enter the Nintendo world( No re-entry is allowed)

10:20~10:50 Mario Kart: Koopa’s challenge *This is the timing you need to get to the entrance of the game.

*Please do not be late as once you did not show up at the given time you are required to wait longer.*

How long would you need in the Nintendo World?

3-4 hours or more

Into the Super Nintendo world

Once you enter the Nintendo world there will be a few pop-up carts selling the power band and merchandise.


You do not need to start queuing when you see the first pop-up cart as the first pop-up cart will always be having a long queue. We got our power band and merchandise at a pop-up cart with no queue, which is nearer to the entrance.

Here are the power band with all the characters, you wish to be.

*Purchase of the Power band is optional, however, is a good investment if you would like to play the games and to be in for the power-up band key challenges. 

Meet-up session with the characters

Taking a photo with the characters is payable meaning you are not allowed to use your phone. There will be a professional photographer to assist in taking photos for you and it would cost around 3,000JPY.

Photo taking of Kinopio but no close contact with it.

Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge™

Waiting time: 120-230 minutes without an express pass

Yoshi’s Adventure™

Waiting time: 55 – 110 minutes

We were lucky that the waiting time for the ride is not long and we can squeeze in this ride before our lunch.

Kinopio’s cafe

Get the time slot to enter the cafe, the staff outside the cafe will be giving out time slot tickets.

Waiting time: 60 minutes or more

This ticket is only for entry to the cafe, however, you will need to queue to buy your meal and get a seat ushered by the staff. All the waiting and queuing would take around an hour plus.

The wait is not boring though, you will get to see kinopio preparing your meal and some hidden coins can be found here.

Here is the menu at the cafe.

You will be given a number card, please take the number board with you to the table.

What we had?

Super Star Lemon Squash (650JPY) *Recommended*

Super Mushroom Pizza Bowl with Mushroom Tomato Sauce (1,600JPY) *Recommend*

Teriyaki Chicken & Super Star Rice (2,200 JPY)

Luigi’s Green Curry Chicken Sandwich (2,300 JPY)

Mario’s Bacon Cheese Burger (2,300 JPY) *Recommended*

?Block Tiramisu (800JPY)

Snack time

One of the popular snack stores in USJ.

They are famous for their Green Shell Calzone Filled with Yakisoba & Cheese.

We could not resist getting the super mushroom drink bottle as it was too cute.

Drink bottle (2,100 JPY)

Soft Drink (350JPY (R), 400JPY (L))

Game Session

Coins and keys can be found around the park, all information can be found in the app if you are not sure.

There are 3 keys that you will need to earn before going into the power-Up Band™ Key Challenges.

Our power band

There are also other games around the park to earn coins.

The game session for keys.


Grab your merchandise and souvenirs here at the 1UP Factory.

Here are all the items that we bought.

Summaries of the important tips:

1. If you would like to enter Super Nintendo world again you will need to go online to get the entry time slot again. So suggest that you do it early when you enter the park.
2. Physical time slots can also be collected inside the park you will need to run to the exchange time slot area.
3. Super Nintendo world will not be so crowded in the late afternoon till evening. However, End March to early April would be peak season. So the crowd might not be of any difference.
4. Do try to collect all the keys at Super Nintendo world and play all the games inside.
5. Super Nintendo world will take up approximately 3-4 hours or more will be needed including meals and attractions.
6. Time slot ticket to enter the restaurant in Super Nintendo world is also required so do remember to take the ticket in front of the restaurant.

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