[Trip] Portugal – Enjoying a day in Lisbon city

What are the things to do and places to visit if you have a day to spend in Lisbon city? We decided to take a tram up the hilltop looking down the city and enjoy the sunset view from Cais das Colunas. After that, enjoy a walk to the bustling shopping district right behind the Rua Augusta Arch.

Getting Around the city by Tram

The best way to see the city is to take the century-old wooden trams that move up and down the narrow streets.

Little to know:

Tram 28 is the longest route in Lisbon and move in a loop covering the east of Baixa, Graça, and Alfama before heading west to Estrela and Campo de Ourique.


2.85 EUR (Single trip)

**payment by cash, no change will be given**

What to see?

In the tram

To note:

As this tram route can be extremely crowded and cramp due to the various tourist attractions it covered, there is a high chance of pickpockets on board, so be extra cautious about your personal belongings.


There is one day pass available, which is more worth it if you are traveling more than 3 places a day. Tickets can purchase at these locations.

Miradouro Portas do Sol

The Miradouro Portas do Sol has the best view where visitors can look over the Tagus river, which was once an important port of Lisbon and the rooftops of Alfama the favorite spot for photographers. It is also known for its famous sunset view.


How to get there?

Take Tram No.28

Alight at Largo das Portas do Sol Stop

What to see?

Had a little walk along the streets of Miradouro de Santa Luzia:

Lisbon Cathedral

Cais das Colunas

We got back to the historical center of Lisbon; it’s marble steps were the noble entrance of the city, where heads of state and other prominent figures have landed. It allowed access to ferries or other vessels that make the path between Praça do Comércio and south of the Tagus river.

What to see?

Beautiful sunset, bright and orange egg yolk :


Even though we were not able to catch the sunset at the Miradouro Portas do Sol. But we were lucky enough to catch the full sunset at the Cais das Colunas Square, the view was awesome.

Little story:

After viewing the sunset, we went to a fast food restaurant near our apartment to grab our dinner. However, I met with some unpleasant event while getting our drinks filled, a woman came close to me and asked me for money. Because her face was so close to me I got too shocked and was unable to react. I kindly rejected her and she got angry, pointed at her phone and said something but I couldn’t understand her. She realized that I am not able to give her anything she went over to the counter to ask another lady for money.

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  1. WanderingSoul

    Great pictures! The city looks really peaceful and not so crowded. Crazy stores!, I usually just ignore people that ask me questions like that too.

    1. Kaerin

      Thanks~ 🙂 Yes, the city is peaceful and beautiful but is shattered, when the lady pop out of nowhere that night. Otherwise, the people that i met in Lisbon are nice and friendly.

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