[Eat] Portugal, Sintra – Casa Piriquita traditional Portuguese dessert

We had our breakfast at Casa Piriquita in Sintra. Piriquita – Antiga Fábrica De Queijadas, Lda dessert store was introduced by our guide, Mr. Pedro, he told us it is a must try if we are in Sintra.

Casa Piriquita

Piriquita was founded in 1862. It came from King Carlos I, who enjoyed Queijadas and encouraged the founder Amaro dos Santos and his wife Constância Gomes to bake.

Till now, it is currently the fifth generation who is in this family business. (Source: Official Website)


R. Padarias 1, Sintra, Portugal

Opening Hours:


Closed on Wednesday


10 EUR (Per Pax)


What we had?

Travesseiro, Pastel de Sintra, Queijadas (Left to right)


Visit Casa Piriquita and have a taste of both for yourselves. Personally, I enjoyed Travesseiro the most. The taste of the egg with the almond is a perfect combination, which leaves us wanting for more. But we are expecting to have more food for the day so we left the place by leaving the wonderful pastries in our tummy.

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