[Help] Prepaid SIM card Singapore Changi Airport (Update: 2018 Jul)

This is a question I have received from my overseas friends when they are coming to our sunny island for a holiday. Since I have been doing research and answering their queries. Hence, I have made a comparison between our top 3 communication service provider. Hoping that this will be a little help to those coming to Singapore or in the midst of planning to come here for a holiday.

How to apply?

**Applicable for all telecommunication service provider**

  • Original copy of your passport OR any form of ID such as an ID card (S PASS, EP Etc.)

Location of Prepaid sim card Sales counters:

This is a compilation of the location for the different telecom sales counters at the airport.

Boxed in RED (Singtel; Changi Recommends), YELLOW  (Starhub; UOB Currency Exchange Counters/ Starhub counter)

**Image display only 24hours counter

Arrival Hall, Level 1, Terminal 1

Arrival Hall, Level 1, Terminal 2

Terminal 3

Terminal 4

**For more details, please scroll down for more information.**

Prepaid SIM card Singapore Provider

Singtel Hi Tourist Prepaid Card


Singtel Hi!Card
Plan7 Days10 Days10 Days (2 User)
Voice call (Local)500 MinsUnlimitedUnlimited
Voice call (International)30 Mins90 Mins90 Mins
Local SMS100UnlimitedUnlimited
Data 100 GB100 GB100 GB
Data (FB, LINE, Wechat)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Data Roam (Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia)-2GB5GB
Cost (SGD)$15

Where to buy?


Changi Recommends

To note:

  • Fair usage of 1GB per day applies for free access to Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat
  • Unlimited Local Calls/SMS refer to 3000 Local Call minutes and 5000 Local SMS for 10 days.
  • 4G 100GB local data offer is valid until 30 June 2018.

For more details of SingTel Plan, check here.

Starhub Travel Prepaid sim card



Plan/Validity 7 Days12 Days180 Days
Data (Local)100GB100GB100GB (Free 10 days)
Credit (SGD)--50
Talktime (Local)500 Mins3000 Mins-
SMS (Local)1005000-
IDD 018 Talktime* (Overseas)30 Mins90 Mins-
Data Roam (Malaysia,
Thailand, Indonesia, Australia etc.)
1GB3GB (**30Days)5GB (**30 Days)
Cost (SGD)$12

Purchase your sim card at klook or StarHub and collect at Changi Aiport.

  • Stored credit can be used for local/IDD calls, SMS and activation of more data plans and value-added services.
  • IDD 018 Talktime is applicable to all calls made from Singapore to all StarHub IDD 018 destinations.
  • Roaming data is applicable for use in all Happy Roam countries and destinations.

Where to buy?

Starhub Counter

UOB Currency Exchange

To note:

  • $50 Happy Prepaid SIM is only available at Changi Airport UOB Currency Exchange & and StarHub counters in Terminal 1, 2, 3 & 4.
  • Rate charges applicable if exceed the credit
  • Do not exceed the maximum 3 purchase per 1 username at any service provider in Singapore prior to making a pre-order.
  • $32 Travel SIM, 3GB roaming data is valid for 30 days.

For more STARHUB plan, check here.

M1 M-Card Prepaid SIM Card


Plan7 Days10 Days14 Days
Data (Local)100GB100GB100GB
Data Roam (Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong , Macau, Taiwan)-3GB5GB
Call (Local)500Mins3,000Mins3,000Mins
Local (SMS)10050005000
International Call20Mins50Mins50Mins
Cost (SGD)$12$30$50

Where to buy?

Buy your $12 Prepaid Sim Card here and collect at the airport.

Changi Meet & Greet (Terminal 1 to 4 Arrival Halls (Public Area)) or Changi Recommends (Terminal 4, Arrival Halls (Public Area)). **Only 30/$50 Tourist SIM available**

Operating hour:

11:00-21:00 (Daily)

To note:

Currently, M1 has the best perks among the 3 telecommunication service provider. However, the downside is that they do not have it at the airport. To get the prepaid sim card you will have to head down to downtown or any convenience stores to get it.

My Suggestion?

Get the StarHub prepaid sim card, currently, they are having a promotion of 15GB for 5 Days. Do take note of the tariffs and other underlying charges. However, to be honest, since all 3 service provider price list is the same except for the perks they offer, it comes down to what kind of usage do you need more. Singapore telecommunication service is quite good and it doesn’t matter which one you get.

Suggestion (2018):

Looking at the price and the perks of the 3 telecom company StarHub is still the best choice, and if your usage of Data is not heavy. With the 100GB FREE for 7 days is a great option for friends who are going to visit Malaysia for a short trip. As you only need to download the APP to activate the data roaming service, using it in Malaysia and Thailand can be a finger tap away.

Do not worry that you will excess your data here in Singapore, as we have quite a lot of places that provide FREE WIFI access.

Other Store Location:





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