[Eat] Rothenburg – Delicious German Cuisine at Reichsküchenmeister Restaurant

Walking in Rothenburg the whole day, and it is time for lunch before we continue our sightseeing. We found one of the well-known family restaurant that is in the town of Rothenburg that serve nice German food.

Reichsküchenmeister Restaurant

This restaurant is situated in Hotel Reichsküchenmeister. It served wonderful traditional German cuisine and the best creme brulee we had for our trip in Germany.


Operating Hours:




15-30EUR (Pax Pax)



For full menu.

Drinks Menu:


What did we order?

Pils beer 0.3l

Breaded escalope of pork with french fries

Tenderloin of Porc, mushroom in cream and “Spatzle” Swabian noodle gratinated with cheese (**Recommended)  

Pork Shoulder with potato dumplings and white cabbage salad

3 Different Franconian Sausages with Sauerkraut and potatoes

Creme Brulee (**Recommended)


Here serves the best Crème Brûlée we had in Germany, nothing beats the crispy thick coat of sugar on top, with a pinch of fruitiness from the raspberry. The large serving of food is expected in Germany but it is service we received from the server that makes us very happy. Everything at the restaurant was top notch, simple yet warm. Highly recommend to have your lunch or dinner here when you are in Rothenberg.

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