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What to see in a day in Hong Kong?  There is a lot of places to go actually, will slowly come up with post that cover the places i have been.

I will talk on 3D Museum first as this is the first place i went in the morning, the first few customer in line.

Actually for me i am not that interested to go to a 3D Museum overseas as you all know that Singapore have 2 of them ( Trick Eye and Alive Museum) and even though it was fun but still you wouldn’t want to really spend your time in a 3D museum overseas right?

Okay, so why is it in my itinerary? It was all because when i was facebook-ing in April my Hong Kong friend posted the link and woah~!~! One-piece theme in Hong Kong 3D Museum. Oh…no i must go!!! That’s it and there i am~ 🙂

We are lucky that the 3D museum was near to our hotel around 3 mins walk. The museum was not that large actually, we took around 2 hours in it. Here is the map for one piece exhibition:


Hong Kong Theme

One Piece 



To note:

It will be until end of Aug (Might extend).



1F, Hilton Place 96 Granville Road Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Operating Hours:

Monday to Sunday
10:00AM – 10:00PM
Last Entry Time 9:00PM



Could be purchase online too.


I am happy that i went there and personally i like the Hong Kong theme even though my aim was One- Piece. Maybe because i am the first few people there, we can be at a photo shoot corner for quite some time. When we were at the one piece corner i realise that some people will move the other way round that means they start from one piece exhibition and stay there so it was really crowded during noon.

There are also gift pack for you, when you purchase the ticket.




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  1. asthaguptaa

    Lovely! Though I feel that HK central gets more attention on day-tips than the wonderful villages on the islands around 🙂

    1. Kaerin

      True~ I agree with you but sometimes the hk central do gives off a different vibe with interesting events too 🙂

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