[See] Macau – Walking around 大巴三牌坊/ Ruin of St. Paul’s

After having the famous egg tart, off to the Ruin of the st Paul, which is just a walking distance from the cafe. Love the authentic building there but i somehow hope that the people around me have some manners. XD

P1310108 A map of how to walk around the Cathedral Square: P1310113

P1310114 Walking over:


Before i got to  Ruin of St Paul’s , chance upon this building that was open for visitors, went in as i couldn’t stand the heat outside and tiredness of walking in my new shoe. Nice architecture and building ~!~! got to know that they have free WI-Fi in Macau for tourist, tried that but the connection sucks, so i gave up.

P1310116 P1310119

Ruin of St. Paul’s


Company of Jesus Square

How to get there?


3, 3X, 4, 6A, 8A, 18A, 19, 26A, 33, N1A

Opening hours:

Museum of Sacred Art and Crypt


(except Tuesday afternoon), no admission after 17:30

**Tuesdays- closed at 14:00

Open as usual on public holidays

What to see?
P1310130 P1310140



P1310146 P1310147

Next i went over to the Fortress Armorial Gate which was just beside the Ruin, so another climbing of steps here on top you can view the whole of Macau which was an added stop that i just feel like going.

P1310148 P1310150

P1310175 P1310151 P1310156

P1310179 P1310182



Ruin of the st Paul was really a place that could really make you feel the history behind it, read their history and even went down into their Cripta Crypt ( a place where they kept the remains of the Martyrs of Japan and Vietnam) even though i am not a Catholic, i still feel that is a need to understand a different religious.

I am quite happy with my last-minute decision because i get to see the different view up there. As i didn’t add in Macau tower in my itinerary i think this will do. If you want to get some souvenir is just in front of the ruin of st paul.


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