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After posting the Top 10 Souvenir to get in Singapore – food edition, I decided to come out with the next series of chips edition that I would like to share. I love to buy tidbits and snacks overseas. And understand that some of us love to buy delicious and interesting snack back as a gift or for your own consumption. I like to eat chips and love to try on something new, this is the 5 chips that I felt is worth to buy or maybe to try out.

1. IRVINS – Salted potato chips/ Fish skin

The most famous Salted egg snack in Singapore, that started as a seafood restaurant at River Valley with their bestseller dish Salted Egg Crab. After that, they begin to come up with home-made Salted Egg Snacks and sold them by the bottle. Now, they are the most famous salted egg snack company in Singapore and with overseas outlet.

Where to buy?

Online store


Changi Airport


Marina Bay Sands

Raffles Place Xchange


8.00SGD (S)


Review (Update:2019)

They have come out with the hot bomb spicy version of the salted egg chips and to be honest, I still like my original more, however, the hot bomb is quite addicting too even though it is spicy for me but I kept eating. Although, there is more outlet now I sometimes still face out of stock situation at some of the more popular outlets like Plaza Singapura and Somerset.

I am totally in love with the salted fish skin, but it takes a long time to stock up and it is always sold out. Actually, there are other stores that are selling this kind of salted egg chips because it is like the  “IN” thing now, hence most of the eateries or restaurant will have salted egg dish. To be frank, Irvin is quite expensive for a small portion and you can finish it in 1 day but it is because of the popularity and one of the first store that starts to sell this snacks which makes it one of the top sellers in Singapore now.

2. Ooh- Mala Chips

Where to buy?


Main store

Operating Hours

Monday – Thursday and Sunday

11:00 ~ 21:00

Friday and Saturday

11:00 ~ 21:30




I am not really a fan of mala taste but recently mala chips have been a new trend in Singapore. If you love the spicy, tingling and numbness feeling at your tongue then you should get one packet to try. It is not like a normal packet of chips that you can just keep eating non-stop it took me some time to finish it. I like the mala potato chip more, as the cassava chip has a stronger mala taste and after 5 pieces of it, my tongue went numb.

3. Guinness chips

Where to buy?





Have a little doubt on this chips at first because I am not sure how it would taste like. However, I am quite impressed by the chips it tastes a little bitter like you are drinking Guinness but not too over and matches well with beer.

4. Golden Duck- Salted egg seaweed tempura

Where to buy?

Supermarket (NTUC, SHENGSIONG, COLD STORAGE), 7-11, CHEERS Convenience store




Golden duck brand has been out for quite long and has been a competitor of Irvin for its Salted egg fish skin, so it comes down to individual preferences.

As for me, I like Irvins better but they have other interesting series of chips or snacks from Golden duck that are made of salted egg and the salted egg crab seaweed tempura is mouth-watering delicious. You could really taste the salted egg crab meat with seaweed tempura coated, it is a perfect combination.

5. Chilli crab chips

Where to buy?





This Singapore chilli crab flavour chip is actually not from Singapore but a series from Hong Kong, Calbee Around the world series. After tasting, the taste was alright but there is a little lack of our chilli crab taste even though there is sour and spicy. Thus, making the taste of the chips to be average.

This chips will be recommended to purchase for your own consumption.

**The above context is purely based on personal preferences, only for reference purposes.**

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