[Play] Singapore- A short trip to River Wonder

**River Wonder previously known as River Safari**

A day off from work and we are off to my first visit to the River Safari. Due to the current situation, all visitors are required to book their visit date and time online before visiting the parks. We bought the ticket when the River Safari had a 50% discount promotion.

River Safari

The River Safari is both a river-themed zoo and aquarium. Singapore’s newest wildlife park has over 6,000 animals, including 40 threatened species, with zones that replicate the habitats of rivers across the world, from the Mississippi to the Yangtze.

Source: visitsingapore


How to get there?


Mandai Khatib Shuttle
This loop shuttle service from Khatib MRT Station (NS14) to the River Safari Coach Bay is available daily from 08:00* to 19:20**

* first bus from Khatib MRT Station
** last bus from River Safari Coach Bay

Frequency: 20 minutes
Travel Time: 15 minutes
* Frequency and travel time are subject to traffic conditions.
Payment can be made by EZ-link/NETS Flashpay card only.

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Guide to take the shuttle bus from Khatib station

Take the train to Khatib station

Go to exit A

Follow the signboard.

When walking out of the station, turn left and follow the sign.

The shuttle bus was there when we arrived.

Tap your EZ-link/NETS Flashpay card here, credit card ezlink/cash not accepted.

How to get the ticket?

Official website: www.wrs.com.sg


To note:

  • All visitors are required to book their visit date and time online before visiting the parks.
  • Arrive NO LATER THAN 45 minutes from the stated time.

How much does it cost?


4 hours or more (Depending on how long you would like to stay inside)

Map of River Safari

Once we enter the River Safari, the show timing for the day is available at the entrance.

River of the world

Giant Panda Forest

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Red panda

Kai Kai having his nap

JiaJia was hiding inside her den, we only catch a glimpse of her when she takes a short walk outside the den.

At the viewing deck


Wild Amazonia

We turned to the left as we got a show to catch.

The reservoir cruise was closed.

To note:

6 Jul – 31 Oct 2020
The following Park Experiences are temporarily suspended due to safe distancing measures:

-Keeper’s Chit Chat
-Manatee Mania Wildlife Tour
-Reservoir Cruise

Amazon River Quest

Tickets for Amazon River Quest may be purchased online.

(Adult ticket – $5, Child ticket – $3)

The last ride is at 18:00. Riders must be at least 1.06m. See below for other rider’s guidelines.

Once upon a river show

* Tips: Be there at least 1~2 hours before to queue, only 50 guests are allowed to enter the plaza.

Showtime: 11:30, 14:30, 16:30

The show begins with an introduction to the pelicans.

The next star iguana

The cute otter


*feedings for the Capybaras are suspended.

After the show, we went to the Squirrel Monkey Forest

Some of the rules before entering the park

The staff who was feeding the squirrel monkey

Amazon Flooded Forest

At the bottom of the Amazon, the huge aquarium had a great viewing gallery, hence we stayed there for a while.

Manatee and red-tail catfish



Due to COVID-19, our government encourage less human contact, thus the sales counter at the Zoo is all closed. All tickets must be booked online at a scheduled time. With the convenience of e-tickets, we just need to show the ticket to the staff on our phones.

We had an enjoyable afternoon at the River Safari and got to see lots of animals and wildlife. I am a little disappointed that we cannot take the Amazon River Quest ride as it was closed for maintenance. I hope to revisit the River Safari again, this time round, to take the Amazon River Quest ride.

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