[Plan] South Korea- A simple guide for Jeju Pretrip Planning COVID-19 Regulation

Pre-trip preparation

My first trip after 2.5 years was to Jeju, Korea. I have been a little excited yet nervous at the same time as, to be honest, we cannot travel like pre covid time anymore. More rules and regulations we have to follow before we take off and procedures.

I have consolidated and listed down the website that is important to visit and apply through before your arrival in South Korea.

Visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea (MOFA)

Updated] Quarantine-Free Travel to Korea for All Travellers

Get the latest updated information here:


Apply K-ETA to obtain a visa to enter Korea.

Some important points to note:

  • K-ETA is valid for 2 years once issued. It can be used multiple times within its validity. However, if you renewed your passport, please apply for K-ETA again.
  • Apply for K-ETA at least one (1) month prior to your departure.
  • K-ETA application fee is 10,000 KRW per person, payment can be made via international credit cards or debit cards such as VISA, MASTER, JCB, or AMEX




  • Starting July 14, 2022, all travellers must submit post-entry test results on Q-Code regardless of Q-Code pre-entry registration.
  •  Travellers who did not use the Q-Code pre-entry system can submit test results by entering their passport number, date of birth, and date of entry.

Take an On-Arrival PCR Test within 1 day of arrival (effective from 25 July 2022)

○ Korean nationals or foreigners who hold valid ARC: PCR test to be taken at a public health centre near your accommodation.

○ Short-term visitors (foreigners): PCR test (self-paying) to be taken at Incheon Airport (pre-book here) / Gimhae Airport (pre-book here) / Jeju International Airport (pre-book here) or at a medical institution near your accommodation (refer to the attachment).

○ Taking the on-arrival PCR is compulsory even if the traveller will stay in Korea for 3 days or less.

○ Travellers are recommended to remain in their accommodations until they receive a negative PCR test result.

○ Travellers may register their on-arrival PCR test result on Q-code website (click)

○ If the on-arrival test result is positive, 7-day quarantine is required. Korean nationals and ARC holders may self-quarantine at home while short-term visitors will serve the quarantine at an allocated quarantine facility.

On the plane we are required to fill in these 3 forms:

Jeju Arrival card:

Health Declaration form:

This form can be found upon arrival inside the airport before submission of the Q-CODE.

Upon your arrival, you are required to show your Q-code before the Immigration checkpoint, be ready to prepare the document or save the QR-CODE on your phone.


C11 Parking area

Operating time:


Follow the big banner to get to Seegene Medical Testing centre.

Before we go for the swab test we were told to fill in our personal information and pass it to the staff at the booth on the left before we can go register ourselves even though we have made the reservation online.

A long queue was then formed there.
The entrances to the testing centre.
Firstly at the registration counter, we pass them all our documents which we had printed out and also to make the payment.

How much is the PCR-swab?

Website fee:
Actual: 15,000won
When we made the booking online we were informed that we are required to pay 65,000won on the day when we do our test, however, when we reach the testing centre we were told to pay 15,000won only for the PCR test. We did not ask the reason as to us is a great deal.
After making our payment we were given the test kit and asked to proceed to the specimen window where the staff will do the swab test for us. The whole procedure took around 15 minutes and it was a swift and smooth experience.
You would be able to receive your result on the day. It is recommended you stay in your hotel or residential place until the result is out.
Submit your test result via the website link below:

From my experience, do remember to print out all the documents and do look into your junk mail if you have not received your result after 3 pm or just search under your registration number on the Seegene Medical Testing centre website.


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