[Trip] Spain, Madrid – Day Trip to Avila and Segovia

When we were planning our day trip to Avila and Segovia, we were contemplating if we should rent a car or join a local tour. After taking into consideration the cost of the car rental vs local tour, we decided to go with a local tour.

We booked our day tour via Viator and the 8-hour tour cost 80EUR (per person, lunch not included). You can opt for the tour with lunch included (cost will differ).


Avila is filled with heritage and history. The walls, houses, palaces, and churches whereby you can feel the town’s rich history.

Basílica de San Vicente

It is one of the churches in Avila that is built in the 12th century.


Entrance fee:

General Admission

1.40 EUR

Free on Sunday

Opening Hours:

10:30 – 13:30

16:00 – 18:30
1-1.5 hours

Interior of the cathedral:

We were mesmerized with the interior architecture of the church, as a result, we lost our tour guide. Therefore, we ventured the area on our own.


Los Cuatro Postes (The Four Posts)

Before leaving Avila, we had the spectacular view of the town because our guide makes a quick stop at Los Cuatro Postes (The Four Posts). It is recommended to visit this place in the evening to see how the town lights up with the walls in the foreground and the Avila sky changing from blue to black.



Free to Access

Best to visit:


Evening (Wait for sunset)


30 minutes


Please consider making a stop to this beautiful place if you have sufficient time. While it was a pity that we did not hear more of the history of this place, because we were separated from our tour group after the 1st stop at Avila, but nonetheless, we had a relaxed morning strolling in this small town.


It is a World Heritage City, which you will not want to miss when you are in Spain.

Aqueduct of Segovia

The aqueduct that stretches from the end of the southeast city and crosses the Plaza del Azoguejo to the southeastern wall of the old city.  One of the well-preserved aqueduct in Europe that has attracted a lot of visitors and tourist to have a photo with the icon of the city.





1 Hour


You can climb up to the top to have a better view of the aqueduct if time allowed. Or join a local walking tour which will explain and bring you on a walking trail in Segovia.

Cathedral de Segovia

The last Gothic cathedral built in Spain in the 16th century.

You may refer to here for more information.


Entrance fee:

3 EUR (General)

Free admission for children

7 EUR (Full ticket, church + tower)

5 EUR (Bell tower)

Free admission on Sundays from 09:30-13:30.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday

09:00 – 21.30


1 Hour

Patronato del Alcázar de Segovia

A World Heritage castle located in Segovia. There are also rumors that this castle was the inspiration behind Walt Disney World, Cinderella’s Castle.

To note:

You will be expected to climb 156 steps from Tower of Juan II before you can enjoy the beautiful view of Segovia.


Entrance fee:

Palace + Museum + Magnificent view of Segovia from the Tower of Juan II


Palace + Museum

5.50 EUR

Magnificent view of Segovia from the Tower of Juan II

2.50 EUR

Audio Guide Rental


Where to buy?

Ticket counter at the side of the castle

Opening Hours:

April to October


November to March


Please do take note of the closing days below:

December 24 (from 14:30) and December 25 (all day)     

December 31 (from 14:30) and January 1 (all day)     

January 5 (from 14:30) and January 6 (all day)     

The Alcazar Day varies yearly, therefore, it will be best to refer to their website to check the dates. (Note: The website is only available in Spanish)


1- 2 Hours


At the top of the castle:


We had a better understanding of the history in the Segovia tour from the guide (as we did not get separated from the tour group during the visit). It is a beautiful and simple city where we had a fulfilling lunch and people were nice and friendly. Great place to spend your day here.



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