[Eat] Spain, Segovia – The “Suckling pig” at José María Restaurant

There are 2 highly recommended restaurants for suckling pig in Segovia. In the end, we chose José María Restaurant for our lunch. We were ushered to our seats very quickly as our lunch reservation was done prior our arrival.

What makes the suckling pig special? It is the preparation for suckling pig. The moment you put the suckling pig and into your mouth, the meat actually ‘melt’. An interesting point to note, in this restaurant, the plate was used to cut the suckling pig which shows that the meat of the suckling pig is tender and crispy.

José María Restaurant

One of the pioneer restaurants foundered by Jose Maria Ruiz Benito, which serves delicious Segovia cuisine that situated right in the busy street of the Plaza Mayor.

To note:

Remember to make a reservation (Spanish), if you do not wish to join the long queue at the restaurant


Calle Cronista Lecea, 11, 40001 Segovia, Spain

Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday

09:00 – 25:00


09:00 – 26:00


10:00 – 26:00


10:00 – 25:00


25 EUR-50 EUR (per person)** with Suckling pig



What we had?


Cream of crab, shrimp, and vegetable with croutons:

Green asparagus grilled with cured salmon, zucchini and Maldon Salt

Forgot the name of this dish, meatball with asparagus?

We ordered 1/4 of the suckling pig.


We had an enjoyable lunch, food is great. Most importantly, their famous suckling pig is definitely not to be missed.

The service was good and staffs were friendly. The chef came round the tables to talk to the customers. The restaurant ambiance is great, and I like the idea of the feeling whereby it felt like a big family gathering with wine, great meal and catching up.

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