[Stay] Japan, Nagoya- Meitetsu Inn Nagoya Station Shinkansen-Guchi

The hotel we stayed is about 5 minutes walk from the JR station. The reason why we chose this hotel is not only because of its location but also it is the only hotel that provides 3-beds at a reasonable price. As we were travelling with our parents, comfort will be the utmost important thing for us and secondly, the price should be reasonable.  We found this hotel the most suitable for us to stay around the station.

Meitetsu Inn Nagoya Station Shinkansen-Guchi

Meitetsu Inn Nagoyaeki Shinkansenguchi is opened in November 2016. A 4-star hotel near the Nagoya station best for travellers who are heading to catch the early train to another prefecture.






Breakfast (Japanese set meal)

5:00 ~ 11:00

500JPY (tax included) on the 1st floor.

Standard Twin Room with Extra Bed


7,300JPY (Per person)

Check and compare the latest hotel rate here.

Entrance Walkway 

Dressing table

Superior Double room

Room for 1~2 person.


8,750JPY (Per person)

Check and compare the latest hotel rate here.

Dressing table

Bathroom (Both Superior or Standard)

Separate toilet and shower room


Bathtub and shower equipped


As we start and end our journey in Nagoya, we had a chance to check out and check in again and got to stay in two types of their room, they are the moderate room (Low floor) and superior room (High floor). Double room floor area is 16m², bed dimension is 140cmx203cm and twin room floor area is 24m², bed dimension 122cm x 203cm.  The standard twin room with an extra bed can be a little squeezy for 3 adults as we were left with a little walkway after we placed the luggage. However, the room was comfortable and clean. Hotel location is close to the station with lots of restaurants nearby and a convenience store right below the hotel. I like how they have a separate bathroom and toilet which is convenient.

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