[Stay] Japan, Osaka – Remm Shin Osaka

The location of this hotel is highly recommended if you are planning to travel out of Osaka for a day trip or a stopover. Otherwise, staying in Umeda or Namba area will be a better choice.

For me, I find this hotel really convenient as it is just above the train station, and there are a lot of food available till late.

Remm Shin Osaka

The new brand from Hankyu Hanshin Daiichi Hotel Group, which is quite well-known in West Japan.  Remm gives off a younger and chic style to its design and room.


1-1-1Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, 532-0003 Japan


Economy double room

10,000 Yen ~ 20,000 Yen

Single room

8,000 Yen ~ 13,000 Yen

**The price has increased since my last visit, kindly check the price here and/or to book your hotel room .**


A typical Japanese Business hotel with a modern touch and there is a massage chair. If you like bigger room and large luggage space, this is not the hotel for you.

Single Room:


The message chair:


No complaint about the hotel amenities as everything was good, staff were friendly and efficient. During this trip, I tried to book a connecting room, as they don’t have a room with extra bed. I have to exchange email with the staff to book the room, as it was not shown on the website or the booking sites. I was impressed with their quick response, as the staff who attended to my request was efficient as they responded in less than 24 hrs. As mentioned above, it is a really small and compact room, so there is not much space to put your big luggage.

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