[Stay] Park Hotel Hong Kong

Since this is my second stay with this hotel after a year, maybe it deserve to have a post on it own.

The reason why i choose this hotel again is that it is really convenient, i wouldn’t said is very near to the famous Mongkok or Jordon. Or was it very near to the MTR you still have to walk for around 3-5 mins, even longer if you have your luggage but they do have airport shuttle bus.


720 HKD – 1,120 HKD

The cost of the hotel was not cheap though but for a 4 star hotel in Hong Kong the price is around SGD$100-200++ per night same as Singapore.

**Rate for twin/ double bed room**


For the room wise it was consider large but thanks to our timing or so i was always upgraded to a larger room but no worries when i visited my friends’ room, which was the normal superior room it was quite alright for 2 person twin bed but if you are adding an extra bed it would be slightly squeezy.

Deluxe Room
Deluxe Suite



Kowloon, 61-65 Chatham Rd S Hong Kong


Comfort 3.5/5

Affordability 3/5

Accessibility 3/5

My 2 cents opinion:

The hotel location was good and all but there are other hotels nearby were not that bad too. Like the Kimberly, Marco Polo, etc. My friend would always ask me where should they stay in Hong Kong. My first question is what is your budget? If you want something cheap Hong Kong have a lot of good hostel nowadays compare to 5-10 years ago, location wise it would mostly be at Jordon or Mongkok where the hostel will be at the crowded street of Po Hai Gai (Shoes street) as the building over there were quite old it was like you are living in the old school Hong Kong Estate. Which is a good experience I think.

One more thing for hotel wise if you want a cheap and good hotel, the location is not the priority to you, you might want to choose the outskirt of Hong Kong, central. Eg. Tsuen Wan or West Kowloon



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