Hi, all~!~! This will be a quick link and summary of the hotels and hostel I have stayed in.

For the rooms and rates put up in the post are of the country’s currency so that it will not confuse anyone.

**Different online booking agency, rates will be different too**

Friendly note:

The stayed in this hotels/hostels are of my own experience and yours might be different. I will not be able to tell you which hotel you should stay at is the best as is really up to your preference, budget, and needs.  So this will only be served as a reference for you, thank you. 🙂




Disclaimer Notice:

Kindly note that this page contains affiliate links, if you click or purchase something from the link I will receive a tiny commission.  These are the websites that I use often too, and believe that they do help or save some money with the travel planning.

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