[Eat] Switzerland – Lunch at Kloetzlikeller Restaurant the hidden gem in Bern

The restaurant was recommended by our hotel concierge staff, as we were unsure of where we should go for our lunch. Initially we had plans to go to the TripAdvisor top rated restaurant called Le Mazot. But we changed our mind after checking with the concierge staff, and went to Kloetzlikeller instead (thinking the locals should know better than us). Even though there were not many comments in Tripadvisor but the ratings are pretty good so we decided to give it a try.

Kloetzlikeller Restuarant

A traditional restaurant in the lower old town, occupying an atmospheric seventeenth-century cellar space off one of the main old town streets. The high barrier vaulted interior line with dark wood panelling. A great place to tuck into the mouthwatering Swiss cuisine. Even though it is at the busy street of the main old town, it was still a challenge for us as it is not located on the levered street but at the basement. If you are not attentive, or do not understand German you might pass by the restaurant without realising it.


Operating Hour:

Monday~Friday *Before Covid-19*


18:00 ~ 23:30


18:00 ~ 23:30




Tuesday~Saturday (After 12 May 2020)

18:00 ~ 23:30

Kitchen until 21:30

Sunday and Monday


**Due to the current situation of COVID-19, operating hour varies**

<<Visit Kloetzlikeller Official Website>> (In German Language)


30~50CHF (Per Person)



The wine bar

What we had?

Complimentary bread

Hausgemachter Eistee 3dl, 5CHF

Cheese Fondue, 24.80CHF *Recommended*

Pork Cheeks, 25.80CHF*Recommended*


We had a fabulous lunch here, the waitress was attentive and answered our queries. The interior looks warm and comfortable, a great place to sip a glass of wine and hang out with your families or friend. We were there quite early thus only 2 tables were occupied. Before we went off, more customers begin to come in.

It was our first time trying the swiss cheese fondue, the waitress was friendly and taught us how we should eat it to get the best taste out of it. The cheese has a strong taste of wine in it and we actually enjoyed it. At first we thought that it tasted a little sour but after eating a few pieces it tastes better eventually we ate a lot, it can be quite filling and we did not manage to finish the bread. The pork cheek is tender and juicy with slight red wine taste and all of the sides blend well with the sauce. Would recommend having a meal at this restaurant if you are in Bern.



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