[Help] Spend and save more in Japan with Discount Coupon (Update: 2019 Oct)

A compilation of deals and coupons that can be used, when you are shopping in Japan for cosmetics, electronics and food, etc. The more you spend, the more you save and also earn some cash back or mileage using your credit card.

I have been using these coupons when I am shopping in Japan and thinks that this information will help friends or other travellers, who are in or planning to go to Japan soon.

At times, when you are in Japan shopping and get to the tax free counter some of the friendly staff will ask you if you have any discount coupon, and if you do not have they will help you scan the pamphlet they have, however, this doesn’t happen all the time so it is best that you know about this yourself.

Before using any discount coupon below, kindly take note on the terms and condition for each coupon.


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