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[Help] Getting Prepaid Sim Card in Japan (Update: 2018)

Getting a prepaid sim card in Japan can be quite simple, however, not many people will consider that as compared to a prepaid sim card and WiFi rental egg. WiFi egg can be shared with many people and sim card cost in Japan is slightly higher and does not guarantee good connectivity.

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[Data] Getting a prepaid sim card in Germany, Munich

Getting a prepaid card in Munich or Germany was not as easy as I thought it would be, even though I read up on the experiences other people had. I thought of getting the sim card at the airport. However, after the research it seems like buying the Sim card

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[Data] ANA x NINJA WiFi Campaign

Never thought of getting a pocket wifi for my trip in Japan. As you all who have been following my post knows that I always get the Prepaid sim card, as I travel solo. However, this time I got myself this pocket wi-fi and the reason cause I am with

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