[Eat] Japan, Osaka- Universal Studio Japan Snack Time

This will be a short post, I am putting this post individually is because i want to introduce this interesting snack that you should not miss.

We just have snacks along the way.
We stopped when we see the snack store. Each attraction have their own attracting snack, which is the characters bun~!~! Which made me gone crazy because is so cute~~ 😀

My first snack was snoopy and hello kitty bun~! And when we walk around, we found a few more.

The buns doesn’t really fill us up, while we had finish 2 buns we were still hungry,so we got ourselves the lovely turkey leg~!~!



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[Eat] Macau – Margaret’s Cafe e Nata (玛嘉烈蛋挞)

My first stop of the day~

To have my first meal of the day the famous Portuguese egg tart in Macau, the food which Boys over Flower have eaten, don’t know if is this store but whatever i am not a crazy fan of the drama (Please don’t kill me, at least i know them). The store was feature in a lot of magazine and was voted No 1 by their locals and tourist a must to eat in Macau, so there i was since i think i shouldn’t miss this out. It was not easy to find actually because is hidden in an alley but is near to a casino.


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