[Trip] Korea, Seoul- The simple guide to N Seoul Tower watching sunset

I always wanted to visit the Namsan tower or N Seoul Tower, I did not have the chance to visit it when I was in Korea 6 years ago. Therefore, I told myself for this trip I have to go and take some photos there. Based on my memory I thought that getting to Namsan tower is easy, but it was not. I wanted to go up to Namsan tower via cable car, however, after researching on ways to get there and various comments from others, I decided to take a bus up instead. In this post, it will cover the transportation, where to purchase the ticket, redemption and what is there to see and recommendations.


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[Help] Japan, Gifu- Helpful guide for winter Shirakawa-go Light up

Getting to the annual winter light up event has been a huge challenge every year.  Shirakawago is the must go to place for its famous traditional gassho-zukuri farmhouses which looks like a praying hand and the architectural creation which can withstand the heavy snowfall during winter, The roofs are built without nails and there is a large attic space being used to cultivate silkworms. People flock to Shirakawago to see the light-up annually during winter to have a glimpse of the beautiful traditional gassho-zukuri farmhouses being light-up and winter picturesque.

However, due to its overwhelming popularity, Shirakawago has been facing overcrowding and a new system is implemented every year. To limit the visitors visiting it, we are lucky that we got a chance to visit the 2018 event and it was not easy during the planning stage trying to understand the rules. Thus, I have put up the information here so that it will be easier to understand.

** Notice **

The ticket system has changed in 2019, advance reservation is required and only limit visitor numbers are allowed during the light-up event.

Scroll below to know more details for 2019 Schedule and information.


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