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[Stay] Japan, Kanazawa- AB HOTEL Kanazawa Review

Situated right at the back of the Kanazawa station west exit, at a convenient location where there is not only train service available but also a bus terminal which is able to bring us around Kanazawa. Initially, during the planning, this hotel is not on my list as I did not come across

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[Trip] Japan- What to do a day in Kanazawa?

What are you going to do if you are given a day in Kanazawa? After the opening of Hokuriku line in 2015 with only 2.5-hour direct shinkansen ride from Tokyo to Kanazawa, more and more tourist are flocking to this beautiful city which is famous for it well-preserved buildings and

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[Move] Japan- Kanazawa city bus transportation guide

Getting around Kanazawa using their bus services, which is convenient and cost saving for tourist. There are normal city bus and special bus services that cover the major sightseeing locations. In this post, we will look at which type of bus services we can use, the coast and also the

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