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[Move] Macau – From Macau Ferry Terminal to City

Reached Macau around 11:10. No complaint at the speed of the custom staff as i believe that they are doing their best to clear the people as fast as they could. The signage in Macau are quite clear and easy, if you need help you can just proceed to the tourist

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[Move] Hong Kong- Hong Kong to Macau (By Ferry)

One day trip to Macau started off in the morning. Although i got up early but i got out of hotel late. 😛 The ferry terminal was a 10-15 minutes walk from my hotel. There are a few place where you could board a ferry to get to Macau. When

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[Eat] Macau- Tai Lei Loi Kei 大利來記

The must eat Pork chop bun in Macau. And i doesn’t want to miss it, so i decided to head to its flagship store. Didn’t took any photos of the interior, but here is how it looks on the outside: To note: Freshly baked Pork chop bun it is out

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