[Eat] Taiwan – Food to try at Shilin Night Market

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Travelers who have been to Shilin Night market will know that it is a huge place for delicious street food and lots of things to see, buy and play.

There are so many food to try and what would be the one that worth queuing and waiting? Choices from food that are not widely accepted by tourists, and some of the hidden food that you might miss. These are stalls that I always go to when I am in Taipei and will discovered some new found favorite in subsequent visits.


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[Help] Awareness of Acute Mountain sickness

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As there is an increase of adventure travellers, heading to a high altitude place and staying there. It is a necessity to learn what is Acute Mountain sickness, what is the symptoms and how to prevent it and aware of it. Even though not all people might develop high altitude illness but this doesn’t mean that being physically fit will decrease your chances of developing it.

The reason for writing this post is because I had the first-hand experience of it when I was climbing up the Mt HeHuan, with an altitude of 3,485m (11,433 feet).


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[Trip] Taiwan – 2 Day 1 Night at Mt Hehuan

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How to make full use of your stay in Hehuanshan or Mt Hehuan for one night? In my previous post, I have covered our stay at the Songxuelou, the highest accommodation in Taiwan, where you can view the beautiful scenery right from your balcony.

There are a lot of trails here to choose from ranging from easy to difficult. The easy trail will take less than an hour to hike and the difficult trail will require a professional guide and a night stay at the mountain.

For more information, you can check here.


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[Stay] Taiwan Highest mountain Lodge-SongXueLou

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Have you ever wonder what it is like to wake up to a beautiful sunrise the next morning right at your own balcony?  I have never thought of that in my life before as this is not something we could experience in the city, but I am able to experience it at SongXueLou.

As I was looking into where to stay for a night at Hehuanshan before my trip. I came across this hotel, which is the perfect accommodation and location for us because we wouldn’t want to go back down to Qingjing, the next nearest place to spend a night.


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[Move] Transport back to Taipei from Hehuanshan

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Following my previous post on how to get to Hehuanshan from Taipei. In this post, we are going to cover on how to return to Taipei city the next day after a stay at the mountain lodge in Hehuanshan, SongXueLo.

When we arrived the day before, the bus driver will ask who will be heading back the next day before everyone alight, and he will inform you the pickup time. Please do wait at the pickup point earlier than what the time he advised.


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[Move] Taiwan – Transportation to HeHuanShan

Hehuanshan is a place where I wanted to explore but the transportation is not convenient if we do not drive. In addition, your driving skill has to be good because of the winding road up the mountain road.

Getting up there from Taipei is not near and it is time-consuming but if you love nature, hiking or wish to have a break from the bustling city this would be a good choice. As there are not much information in English about how to get there by public transport yet, thus this will be a detailed transportation guide from Taipei to Hehuanshan.


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[Eat] Taiwan, Taipei- iNPUT Music Cafè 音鋪

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A hidden gem found in the alley near the busy Tong Hua Street. Not sure if you all know about this place? It is well known among the fans of Taiwanese band, Mayday. This store is opened by one of the members, Stone with his 2 other friends who are musicians.

It is a music store to be exact, however, they have a little cafe area for coffee lovers. As I am not a musician nor have any knowledge of musical instruments, I will not cover about that section. Therefore, this post will focus on the café.


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[Eat] Taiwan – Rilakkuma Cafe (拉拉熊咖啡廳) in Taipei

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I have to admit that I am a crazy fangirl for Rilakkuma and love it so much that I will always buy its stuff and collect them. It is always on my to-do list to visit the café in Japan, however, they only do a pop-up store for Rilakkuma café, which means, they will be in certain parts of Japan for a period of time and move on to another location.

When the news of Rilakkuma café was opened in Taiwan, I have been planning to visit the cafe to have a cup of coffee and meal there. Without any hesitation this time, I kept a day free in my itinerary and made my reservation online.

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[Trip] One day in Taipei city, Xinyi District to Tamsui District

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What to do if you have a day in Taipei city? I will focus on just a few places, mainly the famous Taipei 101 and old street of Taipei.

Xinyi district is a well-known place for shopping and if you have time to spare, you can proceed to Tamsui old street, where you can try out some of the local street food and enjoy the beautiful seaside view. I will be covering on the LINE FRIENDS Cafe & Store (feat. Choco), delicious Japanese buffet and lastly, Tamsui old street for some souvenirs and local snacks.


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[Eat] Taiwan, Maokong- Taipei 101 Firework at Qing Quan Villa Restaurant

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Heading to MaoKong for an unforgettable dinner with an awesome view of the Taipei 101 was never on my to-do list before. However, when I was searching for a place to celebrate countdown in Taiwan and where to go,  I stumbled upon this place. I thought that it would be a memorable way to celebrate the year end on the mountain with my friend.


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