[Move] Taiwan – Transportation to HeHuanShan

Hehuanshan is a place where I wanted to explore but the transportation is not convenient if we do not drive. In addition, your driving skill has to be good because of the winding road up the mountain road.

Getting up there from Taipei is not near and it is time-consuming but if you love nature, hiking or wish to have a break from the bustling city this would be a good choice. As there are not much information in English about how to get there by public transport yet, thus this will be a detailed transportation guide from Taipei to Hehuanshan.


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[Move] Taiwan- Transportation to MaoKong for Taipei 101 fireworks

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Planning to celebrate a year-end countdown in Taiwan? We will only think of the big concert at the city hall and see the fireworks up close. However, have you think of looking at the fireworks from Taipei 101 in a different view and away from the crowd? Why not head down to MaoKong, a quieter place to have the view of the Taipei 101 fireworks.

As Maokong is not at the city center, it can be quite confusing for the first timer who wish to visit the place. This post would serve as a transportation guide of how to get to MaoKong from Taipei City.


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[Move] Transport tickets for Amsterdam city

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One of the important parts of your travel planning would be the public transport tickets that each of us might need it during our trip. Not a must to have but a good option to have, which can help save some money. In Amsterdam city, there are quite a few passes/tickets that we can choose from but I will focus on one of it in this post.


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[Move] Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) Guide (Update:2019)

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A comprehensive Japan rail pass nation guide for first-time travellers, who are intending to buy the Japan rail pass but not sure if it is suitable for them or what to do after purchasing it. Here are some of the necessary information that might be useful with a step by step guide and also some of the things to note before you purchase the pass. (more…)

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