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Hi~! Welcome

Hi! Welcome to my new blog, hope you guys are not shocked by my decision but i do hope to engage with more people and thus, having a self hosted website on my own. I am still in the process of learning and trying to familiarize with codes and stuff.

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[Move] Hong Kong- Tram to the Peak (山頂)

For friends who are visiting Hong Kong for the first time or maybe you have been to Hong Kong  lots of time but didn’t have a chance to visit the Peak yet. As there are a few ways up the Peak, i will only introduce the most time saving and insta

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[Move] Hong Kong- Ngong Ping Cable Car 360

Not sure if you all know about Ngong Ping ? But recently it have been one of the more well known place for tourist. You wouldn’t imagine how 10 years ago this place is… but now is more accessible and with beautiful scenic. The best way up is by taking

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Autumn Leaves

[News] Japan-Autumn Leaves Forecast 2016

Thinking that this would be of some help to them if they are interested in viewing autumn leaves during this period of time. I have taken some news from 2 different websites for your references. Little to know: There are two types of leaves that you could view in Autumn

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Hong Kong bus

[Move] Hong Kong Bus Transportation Guide (Update: 2017)

Are you traveling to Hong Kong for the first time and hop on the bus but does not know how? This post will provide you the Hong Kong bus transportation guide which gives you another option get to the city from the airport or interested in touring around Hong Kong

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