[Eat] Taiwan, Taipei – Formosa Chang Lu Rou Fan (Braised Pork rice)

If there is craving for some traditional Taiwan food, braised pork rice is a simple yet filling food that most Taiwanese love to eat. One of the must eat food in Taiwan, Lu Rou Fan in Chinese 滷肉飯 or ‘魯肉飯’, which means braised pork rice that always comes in a small bowl and sometimes with egg and pickled radish or carrot as the side dish.

Formosa Chang

The well-known braised pork rice, which has over 40 Branches around Taipei. Formosa Chang was established in 1960, at a street at Mingsheng west road, where the founder, Mr. Yan Quan Chang operates his small stall. Mr. Chang was busy managing his stall and preparing the food, unable to take care of his personal look and eventually the beard grew into a lush, it was when the old customer of his called him ‘Beard Chang’.

In 1980, Formosa Chang first chain restaurant was opened, and now it was a well-known brand for good braised pork rice.

Little knowledge:

You would see this 2 words 滷肉飯 or 魯肉飯 in the eatery most of the time. Even though it might seem the same, but actually the correct Chinese character for braised meat is 滷肉. However, it might be the influence of the dialect spoken in Taiwan, the Chinese character ‘魯肉 ‘sound nearer to it, thus the reason why this word was used.

No. 49, Fuzhong Road, Banqiao District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 220

How to get there?

Alight at Fuzhong Station:

Walk out of Exit 1, turn right. The restaurant is less than 3 minutes walk from here:

Operating Hours:

Fuzhong Branch

10:00-24:00 (Daily)




What we had?

The must eat Lu rou fan (Braised pork rice)

One of my favorite side dish, Garlic Sausage:


Their minced braised pork jowl was not greasy at all and it melts away in your mouth together with the Taiwan rice. The pickled carrot, using Narazuke (Japanese pickled) fermented method, when eaten with the braised pork rice provide a zest of freshness to counter the heaviness of braised pork.

The restaurant has a great ambiance and the service provided is efficient.

Update (31/12/2016):

On 1/1/2017, there is some price adjustment at the restaurant.

The Braised minced pork rice and shredded chicken breast rice cost, 37NTD. There is an increase of 5-6NTD for some of the items in the menu. And some of the bento set meal, there is a decrease of 5 NTD.

For more information: https://www.fmsc.com.tw/en/index.php

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