[Play] Taiwan – Always with Rilakkuma Event in Taipei until 22 March 2020

Got to know about this event from my friend who was in Taiwan, hence, I made myself available to support my favourite San-X character.

Always with Rilakkuma Event

Rilakkuma is back again in Taiwan, follow Rilakkuma and his friends who have come from afar to meet their fans at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park~! A new exhibition that will change your perception and present a completely different daily life of Rilakkuma.


Songshan Cultural and Creative Park 3rd Hall ( 松山文創園區(三號倉庫))

Operating hours:

28/12/2019 ~ 22/03/2020 (Closed on Chinese New Year Eve)

Mon~ Sun



Purchase at the ticket booth:


NTD 300


NTD 280 (Above 3 years old; holding to student card not applicable to university student and other specialised schools)

Senior Citizen:

NTD 150 (Seniors above 65 years old, require to present ID; Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and their caregiver)


Free (Below 3 years old are required to present ID and require one accompanying adult; If ID not presented children below 0.9m in height)

Different sections and theme presented:

“Move”section:Train Tour

Follow Rilakkuma and his friends around~ Enjoy the cherry blossoms and taste delicious honey in the forest.
Invite your friends to take a train ride with Rilakkuma, a great experience not to be missed!

To Note:

The train is not moving and is under repair when I was there on 4th Jan 2020.

Please check on their Facebook page for update.

Update: 14 Jan 2020

The train has resumed its operation.

Food Section: Delicious moment

Taste it! Have some delicious food together with Rilakkuma and enjoy your time, the best desserts and gourmet atmosphere, invite fans to immerse the food world.

Clothes Section:Cosplay party

Guess! How many costumes does Rilakkuma have?
The various appearance of Rilakkuma is so cute.
What kind of Rilakkuma costume look do you like most? Check it out!

“Stay” Section: Lazy Nest

Think about it! Rilakkuma’s home life? Can you imagine the fun life of a daily lazy bear, other than being lazy and relaxed?
Stay with Rilakkuma and to share more of the private life of Rilakkuma.

“Always with Rilakkuma” Special Theme Section

Check it out! !! Taiwan’s special limited-edition 2m Rilakkuma “Always with Rilakkuma”,  an exclusive special zone specially created for the fans!
A place to let fans who love Rilakkuma to share a photo shoot at any time, anywhere with him!

Souvenir store:

Buy!! Not only for fans who like Rilakkuma to watch, play and shoot a lot of photos, but also to make you return home with loads of Rilakkuma!
Other than buying a thousand kinds of Rilakkuma goods, why not get the exhibition-limited edition goods!

Get yourself the customise sticker with just 50 NTD.


This is actually my first Rilakkuma exhibition, in Singapore the popularity of Rilakkuma is not so huge. We do have pop-up store some years ago but it is not so popular unlike in Taiwan, Hong Kong or Japan.

I arrived at the venue 1.5 hours before their closing so there was not much crowd. It was a little disappointing when I was told that the train is not operating, for friends who are going to attend this exhibition, don’t worry, the train has resumed operation a few days ago.

The photo-taking areas, I felt that it was well organised into different themes which make the exhibition a little more meaningful and interesting. For fans, it is a perfect place to immerse yourself for hours to get some beautiful photoshoot with the Rilakkuma and friends.

Visit their Facebook page to know the latest news (only in Traditional Chinese).


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