[Eat] Taiwan, Maokong- Taipei 101 Firework at Qing Quan Villa Restaurant

Heading to MaoKong for an unforgettable dinner with an awesome view of the Taipei 101 was never on my to-do list before. However, when I was searching for a place to celebrate countdown in Taiwan and where to go,  I stumbled upon this place. I thought that it would be a memorable way to celebrate the year end on the mountain with my friend.

Qing Quan Villa Restaurant

A simple family business restaurant that has a high rating among the locals, and what makes them special would be their great location and service. The only restaurant that was situated at the top of MaoKong, with open air view looking over the Taipei city.

Their vegetable served were harvest from home grown farm, and the tea inspired dishes were great for vegetarian and not to worry, they do have other dishes, like meat and seafood too.



Operating hour:

10:00 -21:00

Closed on Monday except for special occasion

**Year-end Countdown opens until 25:00


Normal day:

200NTD-400NTD (per pax)

Year End Course (6 Dishes)

2,000 NTD net  (1,000NTD Deposit to secure the table)

To note:

Planning to go for the countdown? Reservation is required. Kindly message the owner or call the restaurant for more details.

This restaurant is a little further and higher, than the rest of the restaurant. Therefore, you will need to walk a little more to get to the restaurant:

Heading up:


Free Soup zone, and to get your utensils here:


In the course meal, we were able to choose from 3 type of soup. Bitter ground chicken with pineapple soup, Puli Black Mushroom Chicken Soup or Hairy Uraria chicken soup.

We choose the Puli Black Mushroom Chicken Soup**recommended. This was really good, simple yet not too heavy perfect for a cold day on the mountain.

Chayote vines **recommended:

Stewed wild boar with garlic:

Crispy Tofu**recommended:

Thin noodle with tea oil**recommended:

Oolong Tea fried rice:

Firework at Taipei101:

The perfect view from our seat:


This restaurant is a great place for larger groups because the food was served in a large portion. With the 2 of us, the food was a little too much, but for the price, it was worth it, in terms of the price at the restaurant during countdown period and a great view.  In total, we spent slightly more than 5 hours at the restaurant, chatting up and have our meal. This is the first time, we sat in a restaurant for such a long time. I will make a point to go back again for lunch or afternoon tea if I am back in Taiwan.

Lastly, would like to thank the owner’s daughter who was so caring and helpful. Even though, that day the restaurant was fully occupied and she was busy, she still came over to our seat and asked us, how was the food and talk to us. This little gesture made us felt welcome and touch.



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