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Have you ever wonder what it is like to wake up to a beautiful sunrise the next morning right at your own balcony?  I have never thought of that in my life before as this is not something we could experience in the city, but I am able to experience it at SongXueLou.

As I was looking into where to stay for a night at Hehuanshan before my trip. I came across this hotel, which is the perfect accommodation and location for us because we wouldn’t want to go back down to Qingjing, the next nearest place to spend a night.


Song Xue Lou also known as Song Syue Lodge the highest hotel in Taiwan located at an altitude of 3,150m above sea level. The best and closest accommodation that leads to every trail in Hehuanshan. The top choice to stay for the seasoned hiker and nature lovers.



How to get here?

Transport to Hehuanshan

Check in time:


Check Out:



Double Suite room Facing HehuanShan



3000NTD – Environmental friendly practice (without toiletries and bathing towel)



3900NTD – Environmental friendly practice (without toiletries and bathing towel)

Include breakfast and dinner (Per Pax)


Our room with Balcony facing the HeHuanShan:

We paid for an additional 200NTD, to get the bathing essentials and toiletries so that we do not need to carry them up:


Balcony facing Hehuanshan:


Dinner at 17:00-22:00

Dinner peak period:

17:30 ~ 18:30

Our dinner menu for the night, with chicken, vegetable, and some vegetarian dish:

Drink station is the same for breakfast too.

A simple and filling meal after a long hike:

Breakfast at 07:00-09:30

Peak period:

07:30 ~ 08:30

Porridge, rice station:

6 choices of dish each day:

Morning coffee or tea:

The view

Thanks to the perfect weather during our stay, we were able to see 3 different scenery just right outside of our room.

Sunset with the sea of clouds:

Starry night:

Sunrise above Chilai Mountain:


The room is clean and neat, perfect for a night stay. However, getting to the balcony is not that easy even though is right outside of our room. The balcony is higher than our room we have to climb up and out, but all these is worth it. For our dinner and breakfast, it is a simple meal not that fantastic but each and every dish is done nicely especially their vegetarian dish.

Due to the high altitude, some people might experience Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) above 2,500m, the hotel lobby does provide oxygen concentrator machine if you need it. Do note that the climate at the mountain can change dramatically and during summertime, the temperature sometimes will drop to 5°c; and 0°c in winter, always bring extra clothing to keep yourself warm.

To note:

As SongXueLou is a famous spot to stay for hikers, nature lovers and families, thus, the hotel is fully booked all year round, especially weekend. To book the room you have no other option other than booking directly from the official website (Only in Traditional Chinese).

– Opening for booking only starts 1 month before your stay at 06:00.

– Foreigner do not need to pay the deposit, full payment are to be made upon check-in

– Always check on the availability of rooms here

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  1. Aditya C

    Hi there. I saw the website you use to book Song Xue Lodge. Saw the “Ski Lodge” dorm rooms I am interested in that site too.

    I don’t read Chinese and may ask a friend to help. But before that when booking Song Xue Lodge will you need Taiwanese ID / Contact or passport and foreign number (SG or wherever) is possible too?


    1. gojiakhong

      Hi Aditya~!

      You will need to put in your passport number. Remember to put a 0 in front when filling in the column. Eg. E01234567F, contact no. country code – 1234 5678.

      Hope this answer your question.

  2. Hilda C

    Hi Kaerin. THANK YOU for sharing all the valuable information on how to get to Song Xue Lou. If it wasn’t for your write-up, I wouldn’t even thought of going there. I’ve got all my reservations done at Song Xue Lou. You stayed for one night right? Was it enough for you to explore the mountain? We’ve got 2 nights confirmed though. Did you pay any entrance fee for the hikes/trails?

    Love to hear from you ; )

    1. gojiakhong

      Hi, Hilda~
      Your welcome. I am glad that my write-up let you have the interests in getting to HeHuanShan and staying at Song Xue Lou.
      Yes, I only have a night at Song Xue Lou and it is actually enough for me to walk around and explore the mountain area. However, if you are planning on a 2 night stay maybe you could have more time to walk around slowly.
      All the hikes/trails are free to access. No fees are needed. If you would like to know more information about HeHuanShan there is a tourist information center a few mins walk away from Song Xue Lou.
      Enjoy your stay and stay warm ~!

  3. Cindy

    Hi need to apply permit to go up the different peaks ?

    1. gojiakhong

      Hi Cindy~
      Thank you for leaving a comment.

      Most of the peak in Hehuan Mountain do not need to apply a permit but it depends of what kind of hiking experience you are planning to do?
      Maybe you can check at their official website https://www.taroko.gov.tw/en/Event/TrailCondition?id=113 on which trails are open or partially open and need permit to enter.

      Otherwise, do take note of the high altitude sickness and the safety precaution notice when you are there.

  4. Coco

    Hi, can I check with u, based on your experience in booking the lodge, how early did you try booking it? Because, I had tried to log in the website with my limited chinese knowledge, I checked based on exactly a month from now. It seems like there’s no room available for two bed room at song syue lou lodge. All I saw was those sharing beds. Thus, I would like to seek your advice on this. Thank you.

    1. gojiakhong

      Hi coco,
      Thank you for the message.
      I booked it one month before the date I am arriving.
      From what I have checked from the website there are no available room at Song Syue Lou for Friday, Saturday and Sunday in July. Leftover room will be 19,24 and 25 July.
      Hope this might help you.

  5. Coco

    Thank you so much!!! It’s been a great help. Glad I’m ain’t going on July. Hehee hope I’ll managed to get a room when the slot opens. Once again, thanks a lot for all the details u had shared online, which benefits many pple like us ^^

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